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GC4W Mentors AWLEAD Fellows at US-Africa Synergy

June 29, 2015

by Staff

AWLead Fellows

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Launched in 2012, the African Women Program for Leadership (AWLEAD) is a 12-week rigorous training, that helps young women of African Descent between the age of 18 and 25 are afforded an opportunities to improve and gain Professional skills, Career Guidance, Knowledge and Networks to meet their life goals and aspirations, so that they can effectively contribute to Africa’s Development. The African Women Program for Leadership is a 12-week program consists of trainings in Entrepreneurship, Nonprofits’ Management, Advocacy, Community and Leadership  Development and more. The program runs once a year. This program is part of the US-Africa Synergy Inc. organization, and is lead by Emeline Natacha Gwet Simeze, the Executive Director. 

This year, the Global Connections for Women Foundation (GC4W) had the opportunity of mentoring the 3 AWLead fellows from Senegal, Ethiopia and Ghana, who share a passion for running social enterprises in their home countries after completing the AWLead program and the educational studies. Their desires to become the conduit of change in their home countries – included the need to improve the health care programs for Women and Children, and the human rights of adults and the youth.

Lilian O. Ajayi, Executive Director and Founder of GC4W, shared her personal journey and presented a Social Entrepreneur Worksheet, where the impressive group of young fellows add a chance to respond to key questions pertaining to their passion and mission. Some of the questions on the worksheet were; Define your personal mission? What are your most admirable qualities? What issues are you most passionate about? How do you want the world to see you? Who are you trying to support through your organization? What are your organization’s goals? Why should others invest in your organization’s mission? etc.

At the mentoring session was the Program Director Emeline Natacha Gwet Simeze, and Yetunde Odugbesan Author of Young Women’s Guide.

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