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La La Land, Emma Stone’s way to the Oscars. #WomensHistoryMonth

March 20, 2017

by Staff

Emma Watson

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“I can’t think of any better representation of beauty than someone who is unafraid to be herself.” ~ Emma Stone

Emma Stone just won the Academy Award and Golden Globe Award and for the best actress for playing La La Land in 2016. She is also one of highest-paid actress in Hollywood. It is worth mentioning that she is only a 28-year-old who achieved such high award and gain high reputation. Even though her life story is too long, it inspires me: no matter what good background you have, pursing dreams is a life- long things; people who are better than you make better efforts, therefore, you do not have any excuse to give up your dreams.

Unlike many of Hollywood’s stars, Emma stone was born in a happy family. Her childhood was blessed with full support of her parents. It is precious that you win the full support from your family especially when you choose a totally different career from your parents. Her acting career started when she was four. In order to pursue her acting career, she has studied at home for two years for acting. However, she still failed the audition of a role in All That. Nevertheless, she never gave up. Fortunately, she got the support of her parents. Later on, her parents sent her for private acting lessons with a private coach.

Emma Stone held on to her dream of acting even her career went back and forth in her early life. Finally, she knocked on haven’s door. Her career ascent sharply by the horror comedy film Zombieland which acquired more than a hundred million gross revenue. It does make sense that Emma Stone play a perfect role in La La Land. Just like Stone’s real life experience, in the film, even if Mia’s way of pursuing dreams was filled with misery, she still carried on the dream.

Certainly, success cannot live without others’ support.  Stone’s surely does not forget supporting her family back. After her mother’s recovery of triple-negative breast cancer, Stone got a tattoo of blackbird together with her mother for memory and started promoting breast cancer awareness. In 2011, she worked with Star Wars and Stand Up to Cancer for raising funds for cancer research and after that, worked with another organization, Gilda’s Club, for the same purpose. What’s more she hosted the Entertainment Industry Foundation’s Revlon Run/ Walk, focusing on fighting for women’s cancer.

As a young and successful celebrity, Emma Stone inspired me not only the persistence of her dream, but also the way she gives back the society. She currently helps people in movie industry with limited or no resources. She encourage paparazzi in a humorous way to focus more on building awareness of Causes such as Autism (as the picture below).

Her life story is not too complicated but she is inspiring enough that: have a dream and go for it; be a nice person to help people who needed the most.



Written by: Mengling Yuan

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