Episode 3: Women’s Health and Wellness (Dietary teas, Yoga, and Essential oils)

Welcome back to the Global Connections for Women’s News Weekly.

This week we are focusing on three important articles regarding women’s health and wellness. For many women in business and leadership finding time to relax and de-stress is difficult. Therefore practicing yoga, drinking detox teas, and usingessential oils all help boost health.

The first article gives some great tips on how to fit in yoga during a busy day. Some include making time in the day to breathe and focus on yourself, starting the day with yoga, after waking up to find time in your morning routine to stretch, and going to a yoga class, is the best way to get insight into yoga and its benefits from a professional.

Detox teas can help with temporary weight loss and help reduce bloating. Detox teas may actually have negative impacts although they are typically regarded as healthy. For instance, these teas may cause stomach aches and dehydration. Doctors recommended that other ways to lose weight are eating healthy and exercising.

Lastly, a more effective, natural, and healthy way to boost your energy levels throughout the day are essential oils. Orange essential oils give a powerful and uplifting aroma that can drastically help improve your energy levels. Another oil is Pine essential oil, which is perfect if you find that you have a million things to accomplish in the day but are afraid that your current energy levels won’t be able to keep up with the madness.

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