Episode 4: Women’s Jewelry and Fashion (Maisonette, Teel Yes x GC4W, Designers)

Welcome back to the Global Connections for Women’s News Weekly.

This week we are focusing on fashion and jewelry, specifically, the clothing line Maisonette, GC4W’s bracelet collaboration with “Teel Yes”, and seven empowered female fashion designers.

Two vogue assistants became owners of a children’s clothing line called Maisonette. This online clothing store is perfect for busy moms on the go. This website allows parents to efficiently shop for their children without all the hassle. This brand is simplistic and accessible yet stylish and affordable. Maisonette recently launched a new feature called “Petite Profile” which personalizes the shopping experience and offers the best suggestions for the buyer.

The next article is about Global Connections for Women’s new jewelry launch in partnership with “Teel Yes”. This three bracelet launch’s mission is to encourage and stand by women, of all walks of life, at all times.

The bracelets come in gold, rose gold, and silver. Each metal having its own meaning. These bracelets make wonderful gift for anyone in your life who exudes strength and perseverance. These bracelets are a tangible representation of GC4W’s mission and they give the opportunity to exhibit reverence to all women in your life.

Lastly, seven female designers are dominating the fashion world now. The first designer being Stella McCartney. Her clothes are admired for their colorful, boisterous designs that prove fashion is, above all, a means to experiment and express yourself. Next is Rachel Comey and her clothing can be defined the as chic, and laid-back in its style yet it remains practical and daring. Finally, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen established Elizabeth and James, a more moderately priced ready-to-wear line in 2007. In 2012, the sisters took home the coveted top prize at the CFDA Awards, cementing themselves as a force to be reckoned with in fashion. These are only three of the seven female designers who are driving the fashion industry.

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