Episode 7: Women & Maternity (Featuring Allyson Felix, Tips on Leadership, Facts about Abortion)

Welcome back to the Global Connections for Women’s News Weekly.

This week we are going to be discussing three articles regarding motherhood news and advice. These three articles speak about Olympic athlete Allyson Felix, the six ways leaders should be like Mothers, and facts about the state of abortion in America.

Firstly, Allyson Felix, Gold Medalist, Shares her Nike Pregnancy Story, of how she is looking to inspire change in the treatment of female athletes regarding maternity. Nike offered Felix 70% less in sponsorships than what she was offered before maternity. Felix has inspired change for many companies such as Brooks and Burton who have reformed their policies on sponsorships for women. Also, because of powerful and respectable athletes like Allyson Felix, Nike is now also looking to reform their policies.

Next we will discuss the 6 Ways Leaders Should be like Mothers. Motherhood is based upon sacrifice, leadership, love, and dedication. Leaders should look to be like mothers because they always put forth their best effort in order to make others happy.

The acronym MOTHER (Mentor, objective, trustworthy, helpful, encouraging, responsible) consists of the traits that all leaders should adopt. Mother’s are mentors because they provide wisdom and advice which are necessary when making decisions and effectively being a leader. In addition, leadership is built on trust and in order to be successful you need to be connected with your followers, much like a mother is connected with her children. Lastly, being encouraging is vital for a leader because you need to be able to lift everyone else up and encourage others to succeed.

Lastly, abortion has become a very prominent and widespread debate in the latest news. One fact about the state of abortion is that it has been predicted that abortion will affect voting in the 2020 United States presidential election. Another fact is that most people who have had an abortion in America which constitutes 59% have already had a child. The last fact I would like to highlight is those who are having abortions, most likely are living below the poverty line.

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