GC4W News Weekend Reads – Edition 8.0

The GC4W News Weekend Reads Edition 8.0 is a collection of top stories and trending topics. 

With so much news content being published each day on gc4women.org, we have decided to start a new tradition to keep you informed and connected to the resources to improve your life and business. 

The following are top picks and trending topics on gc4women.org news:

1. 20 Amazing Women Who Are Changing the World

Even though International Women’s Day is March 8, these 20 women are proving that it doesn’t matter what day it is — it’s always a good time to celebrate the advances made by women in the past few years.

From the first openly transgender state representative to the first black female artist to paint an official First Lady portrait, these ladies are changing what it means to “act like a girl”. Continue reading here.

2. GC4W University Webinar: The Future of Product Packaging

GC4W University Program - Webinar with Lillian Elenwoke

The GC4W University Webinar Series is an exciting opportunity for you to learn new skills and tactics from leading industry experts on how to successfully grow your business.

The Future of Product Packaging webinar will cover the following topics:

  • Learn the post-COVID market positioning tactics from our expert.
  • Learn the best strategies to enhance your customer experience.
  • Learn the tricks and save money.

Meet our Guest Speaker: Lillian Elenwoke is the founder of MBisAfrican, a social enterprise that helps minority SME’s with packaging and reposting strategies. Lillian is an industry leader and an international packaging expert.  Lillian is the author of Ebook, titled: How to Guarantee that your package is PACK-AGED. She is a lifelong learner, who seats on several advisory boards informing new business owners on how to better package their products. She has a passion for teaching and solving business problems. Lastly, she lives in Harrison, New Jersey with her husband. Register here.

3. Black Girl Sunscreen Secures $1 Million From Female Investor

This month, Black Girl Sunscreen (BGS) secured a $1 million dollar investment from a private female funding source. Despite double minority-owned businesses typically having the most challenging time raising capital, BGS achieved this milestone with one single anchor product. Currently, BGS is the only indie black-owned brand carried full time in Target’s sun care section. This came after a successful sales and marketing campaign, which focused on the importance of all complexions needing sunscreen.

Now over 200 Target stores across the country sell the BGS SPF 30 and BGS Kids SPF 50. After months of vetting potential partners, owner Shontay Lundy partnered with an investor who embodies many of her traits, namely integrity, and business savvy. Black Girl Sunscreen is valued at $5 million, after recently receiving their newest investment. We sat down with Lundy to speak about her new private investment in Black Girl Sunscreen and where she sees Black Girl Sunscreen going next. Continue reading here.

4. How to Have Friends Over Post-COVID

Even as states open up and, in some places, restaurants start to serve sit-down meals again, having friends in the house even for a short while remains a bad idea, experts say. Getting together outside — on blankets spaced apart in a park or on the deck or front porch or lawn at your home — is the way to go.

With careful planning, a cautious mind and some creative design, getting together with a limited number of friends and family members can be done. Here are some fundamental guidelines to follow. Continue reading here.

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