GC4W News Weekend Reads – Edition 12

The GC4W News Weekend Reads Edition 12 is a collection of top stories and trending topics. 

With so much news content being published each day on gc4women.org, we have decided to start a new tradition to keep you informed and connected to the resources to improve your life and business. 

The following are top picks and trending topics on gc4women.org news:

1. Fashion Meets Activism With Cara Santana’s New Collection

Actress, entrepreneur, producer, writer and activist Cara Santana is striking out on her own and out of the shadow of big retailers by creating her own fashion collection, to be sold online directly to consumers a price point of under $100. The collection was set to launch as a second season in partnership with Kohl’s, but due to the effects of COVID-19 Kohl’s could not move forward so Santana took it into her own hands to see the collection to life with Reunited Clothing and Hilda Batayneh. Continue reading here.

2. 5 Mood-Boosting Recipes To Help Mental Health

ˇThe power of food to affect our mood is about much more than the soothing effects of cooking itself. In fact, the importance of diet for our psychological health — or nutritional psychiatry — is finally being taken seriously by mainstream psychiatrists; never more so than now as we face a tsunami of anxiety as lockdown lifts. Here are five recipes that are healthy for both your body and mind. Continue reading here.

3. 4 Tips for Aspiring Women Business Owners

After years navigating corporate America in male-dominated industries like defense and energy, Angelique Rewers ventured out on her own and started The Corporate Agent, a firm that helps small businesses and self-employed experts land corporate clients. She wasn’t expecting, however, just how tough it can be for women to shake off the gender bias aftereffect when starting a business. That’s why shifting this mindset became an important part of the work she does to help women business owners reach their greatest potential. For those who are thinking of starting their own business or have started down this path, here are four essential tips her firm shares with its clients. Continue reading here.

4. Aging Is a Woman’s Secret Power — And the Data Proves It

In less than 15 years, people aged 65 and up will outnumber those 18 and under for the first time in U.S. history. This major demographic shift presents a good opportunity for reevaluating our stereotypes and negative assumptions about getting older. Aging comes for us all, so it’s time to tune into its upsides, particularly for women.

In fact, being older is a tremendous advantage for many women, particularly women in leadership positions. As our society shifts toward an older workforce, it’s extremely important for women to embrace their age — to both spare themselves unnecessary grief and to reach their greatest potential. Continue reading here.

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