The GC4W News Weekend Reads Edition 22 is a collection of top stories and trending topics. 

With so much news content being published each day on, we have decided to start a new tradition to keep you informed and connected to the resources to improve your life and business. 

The following are top picks and trending topics on news:

1. 8 Tips For Better Body Language During Virtual Meetings

With the pandemic and lockdown in full effect, the world of work has completely changed. Everything is now online, including those virtual meetings you find yourself attending several times a day, every day. Although you are not actively seeing these people face to face, it is still important that your body language is correct and that you are communicating with others in a professional manner. So, here are a few tips and methods on improving your body language. Read more here.

2. Alicia Keys To Launch $1B Fund For Black-Owned Businesses

R&B icon Alicia Keys has been busy in the studio. Ahead of her album release Alicia happening later this month, she just released her new single, “Love Looks Better,” which she recently performed at an NFL event to kick off the 2020 season.  

But off the field, Keys and the NFL are partnering on something bigger than a moment: With the organization’s support, Keys launched a $1 billion fund to help support Black-owned businesses—the community among the hardest hit by the ongoing pandemic. Read more here.

3. How To Be A Body Positivity Parent

If you’re a parent in this day and age, it’s likely you were raised with some pretty outdated ideas about body image and weight. Thankfully, many of today’s kids are growing up in a time of body positivity, Photoshop backlash, and real talk about the damaging effects of idealizing thin bodies (for females) and tall, muscular physiques (for males) above all else.

But while media may be gradually cleaning up its act, we all know the words and actions our kids are exposed to at home are just as powerful—if not more—in shaping their views on weight and body image. Zoë Bisbing and Leslie Bloch, NYC-based adolescent eating disorder therapists, mothers of two, and co-founders of The Full Bloom Project, share their tips for being body-positive parents. Read more here.

4. 5 One-Ingredient Face Masks To Try This Weekend

So many love DIY masks and all things skincare. While you may love concocting oh-so-fun recipes with the goods you have your cabinet, sometimes you just can’t help but to have days when all you want is a one-step treatment. 

Well, DIY can be just as simple as that. In fact, these five face masks are all one ingredient! That’s just how potent said ingredient is. Read more here.

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