Quin Tana is an international fashion model, an engineer, and a humanitarian. She is an NYC native, who when not traveling as a model, she sings silly and goes hard in dancing to unctuous pop hits. She is young, refreshingly open-minded. Quin is mixed Eurasian, speaking Mandarin, English, and French. Before she committed to being a full-time model, Quin was an engineering major passionate in the work of advancing synthetic “agricultural” meat technology, literature writing, and fashion design. She has plans to collaborate with fashion brands and designers in fashion story-telling, creating joint campaigns that organically empowers young people’s self-esteem, in the meantime respecting fashion houses’ heritage, aesthetics, and each collection’s essence.

Quin is an icon in the making and her expressions shared below – makes her the perfect GC4W Global Ambassador.

Get to know Quin a bit more by reading the interview below:

1. What does being the GC4W Global Ambassador mean to you? What do you plan to do with your time as the GC4W Global Ambassador? 

Being the GC4W Global ambassador means to embody the message we spread, as innovative, passionate, and compassionate women — I love GC4W’s mission, which practically supports women and also spreads the message for women to trust in our ability to thrive better in a collaborative temperature. It is my honor to contribute my voice as a model, an entrepreneur, and an international mixie. 

First, I plan to speak with girls in a way that lifts their self-esteem and to speak with women in a way that lifts our collective consciousness of females’ ancestral resilience and intelligence. Secondly, I plan to be a public supporter of GC4W’s cause, events, and presence on my platforms of influence. These are places where I would like start immediately. More to come, as we evolve together.

2. How has our world changed with the pandemic, BLM movement, and the need for a more fair society? 

In 2020 going on 2021, we are all called to evolve as individuals, along with the changes in our societal structures and our planet Earth. Life’s natural cyclical patterns brings us to yet another wave of destruction and rebirth — The pandemic, the BLM movement, and other humanitarian and environmental upheavals all give us, as humans, higher levels of sensitivity and empathy. Out of these natural disasters, humanitarian standstills, and fights for hope, love is born too. I see higher love in the risings of social movements founded upon hope and support, rather than judgment, counter-judgment, and restrictions in freedom of speech. GC4W gives women freedom by being their role models and by creating events that spread this message on a larger scale. A beautiful organization to be a part of and to learn in.

3. Why does Women Empowerment and Gender Equality matter to you?

I am a woman, and I love being in my power by simply accepting and being who I authentically am. That said, as a model and as a multicultural human navigating this society with its preconceptions and roles assigned to women throughout centuries, this new age of female empowerment and gender equality, if not role reversal, does not come easy to me. It is, however, worthy, and it brings a smile to my face every day when realized.

Source: The Edge | The University of Southampton’s entertainment magazine.

4. Who are your Female hero(es) and why?

Audrey Hepburn, who within the confines of gender expectations in the 1950s and 60s, embodied strength, resilience, and grace in one powerhouse of a human being. Her beauty has become a legacy that outlived her lifetime, because her image now inspires whoever lays eyes upon her soulful, playful, and hopeful expressions. I chose to be a model and to gain a public platform in order to emulate her in having a legacy of female empowerment and universal inspiration, which will live beyond me.

5. What advice would you give your 40 year old self?

I would tell my 40-year-old self to still love my husband and see him in his childlike wonderment and heightened empathy, as he is precious to me. I would also say to love my kids, by then, with the same amount of humility, groundins, and equality. Also, I would say to take a look at myself constantly and be proud of my constant practice of showing who I am with the world, in public realm and personal realms.

6. What do you believe the year 2021 would mean for everyone? 

I believe the year 2021 would mean a year of continuously expedited evolution, an opportunity to do so for everyone who is willing.

The Global Connections for Women Foundation is thrilled to have the support of our new Ambassador, Quin Tana, and we look forward to creating and expanding the opportunities for women and girls that we may continue to rise together.