The GC4W News Weekend Reads Edition 26 is a collection of top stories and trending topics. 

With so much news content being published each day on, we have decided to start a new tradition to keep you informed and connected to the resources to improve your life and business. 

The following are top picks and trending topics on news:

1. Lizzo Wants to Redefine the Body-Positivity Movement

When it comes to shifts in the collective consciousness, change to the language is often a strong starting point. For October Vogue cover star Lizzo, “body positivity” is a phrase that has accompanied her along her entire career path—along with Blackness and queerness and feminism, the pop star’s commitment to not only owning her physique but unabashedly celebrating it has offered a revolution in confidence felt by anyone that her celebrity has reached. But after years of identifying with the notion, Lizzo is ready to take it a step further. Read more here.

2. Remote Networking: 15 Ways to Connect at Home

When people ask, “How can I network remotely?” there’s typically a negative implication. People assume remote networking is inferior to in-person networking, that it puts you at a disadvantage.

While networking remotely is different than networking in person, it is not inferior. In fact, there are many aspects of remote networking that make it easier and more accessible than meeting people IRL. Read more here.

3. Halloween & COVID-19: Have Fun While Staying Safe

Choosing costumes, decorating pumpkins, and getting special treats brings joy to many children at Halloween. Some Halloween traditions may look different this year to keep everyone safe during the COV​ID-19 pandemic. However, there are still plenty of ways families can have fun while avoiding the scare of being exposed to or spreading the virus.

Most importantly, keep doing what you have been doing: avoiding large gatherings, keeping a distance of six feet from others, wearing cloth face coverings (think superhero!), and washing hands often. Some ideas for ways to keep safety steps in place while celebrating. Read more here.

4. Former Model Starts A Black Woman-Owned Talent Agency

Joy Kingsley-Ibeh, celebrity stylist and the founder of the Kinglsey Model+Talent Management agency (KMTM), serves as a role model for young women within the modeling industry.

As a Black woman-owned agency, she is setting a higher standard for talent management. KMTM is a boutique, full-service talent agency specializing in providing diverse talent to fulfill its clients’ commercial, print, runway and specialty needs. It’s models have been featured in top publications and ad campaigns, including British Vogue, Essence and Target. Read more here.

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