By Kate Schembri

GC4W is so excited to announce that we are carrying Amatostyle on our newly launched GC4W Marketplace. We started a new campaign this month to encourage our community to #shopsmall and support female entrepreneurs when doing your holiday shopping this season. 

Passionate about the freedom of expression we as individuals have in our daily life, Nicole Amato, founder of Amatostyle, seeks to encourage women to feel confident to make their own statement to the world by offering accessible luxury accessories which aids in their ability to do so.

Amatostyle’s unorthodox combination of choice of metals and gemstones layered with leather and skins creates a bold, fresh and innovative style that is distinctly “Amatostyle.” (Source)

We sat down with founder Nicole Amato about her collections, her entrepreneurship journey, her motivations, and more!

1. What inspired you to start your business?

My strong belief in the power of one’s inner sense of confidence and individualism consistently inspires all that I do. Prior to forming Amatostyle, I started my career for many years as a practicing attorney. I have always been a very creative and “out of the box” type of person but found that, as my life had progressed, I was not able to engage this part of myself much anymore. At some point, I determined that I no longer wished to “hush” the creativity which was obviously there. That desire and ability, coupled with my background and training, provided the perfect foundation to shift my goals and attention to the world of fashion, business and entrepreneurship.

Accessories seemed a natural and seamless area of business for me to pursue. I have always been in love with fashion, since I was a little girl lying on the living room floor to spread out my mother’s “W Magazine.” I have always understood the impact of my personal style, giving much attention to the manner in which I present myself to the world. My personal style is a fundamental part of my self-expression.

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2. What can you share about the products you create and/or sell?

Amatostyle is inspired by the notion that anyone can be the “it” girl when she freely express her true personal style. The bold silhouettes of my pieces help women add that certain level of flair and individuality necessary to express their personal autonomy and confidence. Moreover, they have a wonderful and inherent versatility. For example, each can create a “rock-n-roll” vibe to jeans and leather pants, add a “Classic” feeling when paired with a blazer, yet graduate seamlessly to evening wear, adding an unpredictability to luxury. Consequently, my pieces are a perfect choice for  day or night whether out or at home on Zoom calls and when traveling.

3. What do you love most about working with customers?

I really enjoy the opportunity to help women understand that they each have the position and ability to stand out among the crowd. Many times, women think they can’t or shouldn’t make bold expressions in their style. I love to encourage them to make their statement and pursue their personal expression of style, as they see it. Their distinct statement will automatically distinguish them from the rest.

4. What motivated you to sell on the GC4W marketplace

I love the work that GC4W does. It’s founder, Lilian Ajayi Ore’s kind, dedicated and genuine desire to help the women in this world is truly remarkable. I feel privileged to be able to take part in her extraordinary process on any level.

5. What advice do you have for an aspiring entrepreneur or small business owner? 

My advice to entrepreneurs is to work as hard as you can and in doing so, look, listen and be willing to accommodate to the surrounding circumstances. Maintain, at all times, a certainty in yourself that you will work as hard and as intelligently as you need to. Part of that certainty must include the understanding that if you fall down, you will unquestionably get up and try again.

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