“We have so much accountability to everyone on the team, as well as our customers, that this is a company that we want to grow into a very large business because we’re doing good things for the world.”

Meg He is the co-founder of the clothing brand ADAY. ADAY focuses heavily on sustainability in the fashion industry. With fabrics that are both practical as well as innovative, Meg He has been mentioned in Forbes 30 under 30. She serves as an inspiration to those who wish to make a change in the world through a creative outlet such as fashion, and a role-model who women to begin their own start-up company.

Nationality: American

Industry: Fashion

Q: How did you end up working in fashion and co-founding ADAY? (Argos and Artemis)

A: “We noticed that in every industry, the technology got better and made lives easier. But in clothing and fashion, things never really got better. They just got different colors, or shinier. So we really wanted to make better clothing, so people could have better wardrobes, and just simplify their lives, because that seemed to be where technology was happening everywhere else.”