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Why Olay Wants To #MakeSpaceForWomen at Super Bowl LIV With Taraji P. Henson

For this year’s Super Bowl LIV, Olay wants to #MakeSpaceForWomen with their newest spot, by Badger & Winters, that pays homage to the women of STEM who are blazing the trail for future generations. Olay’s ambitious new ad will continue the brand’s commitment to inspire women to “Face Anything’ while also addressing gender parity and giving back to STEM-based organizations,…

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Successful Women Share Their Best Career Advice

By Kate Lopaze Everyone—women, men, old, young—can use some guidance in their careers. Mentorship has long been established as a huge difference-maker, especially for people just starting out or people embarking on a new professional path. This level of support has proven especially beneficial for professional women, who do best when they’re able to get insight and advice from other…

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Jessica’s Top 10 Nuggets for Entrepreneurs.

Jessica Marie Kruger was named one of the UK’s Top young entrepreneurs by Management Today.  Her first business is ETHOS and her second business is LUXTRA. She is an MBA alumna from the International School of Management, Paris, France.  After graduating from ISM, I moved to Switzerland and worked in corporate intelligence (lots of stories for another day!) and down the…

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Using Innovation to Boost Entrepreneurship

Using Innovation to Boost Entrepreneurship Acumen

Deseye Umurhohwo, DBA, is a successful entrepreneur, She is passionate and committed to creating value through collaboration, knowledge impact, and research. She promotes innovation through the implementation of innovative techniques and models. Deseye has a solid educational background as an alumna of the University of Ibadan, Lagos Business School, and the International School of Management in Paris. Lastly, Deseye  is an experienced…

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Female-Forward Razor Thrives in Male-Dominated Industry

If you’re in the market for an incredibly quality razor that also happens to be breaking down the gendered barriers in business, let me introduce you to Billie. As a female-first razor brand, Billie is dedicated to creating their product designs, branding and more through the lens of the female gaze, rather than the male. The women’s shaving and body brand was birthed in reaction to the…

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Women Set New Records In Hollywood

This year the Academy has more women to consider than ever before. Several new studies reveal that women in Hollywood are breaking new ground, both in front of and behind the camera. But it’s not all good news, as the research reveals that the highest grossing films were still largely dominated by men.  Number Of Female Protagonists Increases The biggest…

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