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Female Entrepreneurs Share How They Attract The Right Customers

Do you know exactly what your business is selling?  An online-shop may sell leisurewear but fans follow their social media channels for completely different reasons. Millennials buy feelings, emotions and experiences – not necessarily just products.  Purchased emotions ring the cash register. Entrepreneurs should determine if they’re actually selling feelings in exchange for dollars. If they are, it’ll drastically change…

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‘City of Women’: A Refuge for Colombia’s Displaced

By Megan Janetsky During Colombia’s more than half-century armed conflict, bloodshed between left-wing guerrillas, right-wing paramilitaries and the country’s military forced nearly eight million people to flee their homes. Women and Afro-Colombians, in particular, faced greater levels of violence in the conflict and would often arrive in far-off cities with nothing and no-one. In an impoverished neighborhood in the sweltering…

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How Procrastinating Your Schoolwork Impacts Your Mental Health

In college, wellness is often characterized as balancing academics with friends, jobs, and extracurriculars. Academics and the pressure to earn good grades is a prominent source of stress for college students. But does balancing schoolwork, managing time, and alleviating stress always mean getting work done ahead of time or taking the full allotted time to complete an assignment? Spending only as much…

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