GC4W honors two companies as “BEST Company for Employee Well-Being”at the GC4W Wellness Week Meetup Event.

Congratulations to Kinesso, IPG and Kendra Scott on being named the BEST Company for Employee Well-Being in recognition for your profound dedication to improving the well-being of your employees.

On the concluding day of the GC4W Wellness Week Experience, GC4W honors Kinesso, IPG, and Kendra Scott with the award BEST Company for Employee Well-being for their exemplary service to the well-being of their employees and their external partners. 

“Kinesso, IPG, and Kendra Scott continue to prioritize the well-being of their employees and external partners through thoughtful and inclusive initiatives with limitless rewards,” said Dr. Lilian Ajayi Ore, Founder, and CEO, of the Global Connections for Women Foundation. 

“We are dedicated to ensuring that all our employees receive the best care as they return to the office and work remotely. Because we believe when our employees are supported, they feel more successful at work,” said Femi L, Ph.D., SVP, Kinesso IPG.  

“In the past four years I have worked at Kendra Scott, our employees, customers, and external partners’ well-being and good fortune have been our top priority. Our founder’s legacy and vision hold to us every day are to treat everyone like family,” said Ammy, Assistant Store Manager, Kendra Scott (SOHO, NYC).

“As a Kinesso Employee I’ve felt the investment and dedication that the company has had to elevate each of its employees well-being post pandemic and ensure we are having time for self care and for caring for others,” said Yerddy, Lanfranco, VP, Kinesso, IPG

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Wellness is intentionally adopting and practicing healthy habits to achieve optimal physical and mental health. This makes all the difference between just surviving and thriving. With concerns of burnout and the rise of mental health concerns within the corporate world, many employers are finding ways to address mental well-being. Equally, employees are also beginning to prioritize wellness in their careers and personal lives. In light of this, wellness and corporate well-being have become a priority for us as an organization that creates programs that champion employee engagement and empowerment. We plan to continue celebrating and recognizing organizations that share our vision for employee thriving and corporate wellbeing.

You can watch all episodes of the GC4W Wellness Week Experience on Vimeo OnDemand at vimeo.com/ondemand/gc4w.

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