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Self Love: 5 Ways to Put It Into Action

By Patricia Martin The word “self-love” can feel elusive. We tend to see actionable ways to love others—listening to them, helping them, appreciating them—but when it comes to ourselves, love is often just a feeling and not something we can practice. So we don’t. Most of the time, this isn’t because we don’t love ourselves; it’s because we don’t know how to love ourselves in meaningful ways.…

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Try ‘Positive Solitude’ Next Time You Feel Lonely

By Kira M. Newman In the summer of 2019, researchers from over 60 countries gathered at the International Positive Psychology Association’s 6th World Congress in Melbourne, Australia, to share cutting-edge insights on the science of wellbeing. Their findings added depth and complexity to our understanding of the major keys to a flourishing life—and there were several insights presented at the World Congress that…

How Practicing Healthy Habits Can Make You Look & Feel Younger

Scientists have long understood that what truly lengthens your life and keeps your later years healthy are the basics we’ve known about for ages: Eat a healthy diet filled with vegetables, exercise regularly, invest in healthy relationships, reduce stress, and get enough sleep. Now a team of researchers has uncovered a potential key reason these actions are so beneficial: they influence our genes.

Why Nostalgia Deserves a Spot in Your Self-Care Routine

By Martha Tesema It’s safe to say we’ve reached peak nostalgia. Whether it’s in the music we listen to (“1999” by Charli XCX, anyone?), the shows on Netflix that are all about various decades, or the proliferation of Timehop screenshots and #ThrowbackThursday posts (who hasn’t participated in at least one?), it’s pretty clear: The past is our friend, and we find a lot of joy in taking…