2020 GC4W Circle Wellness Retreat

It’s time to take a breath on Saturday, July 25th, 2020 at 1pm EST. 

The GC4W Circle Wellness retreat is an exclusive opportunity to hear from our special guests on new ways for renewal, reenergize, and gain insights on how to heal our mind and body with food. Join us as we explore our Mind + Body Connections. 

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Discover your Inner Chi with Andréa Marcucci. Learn new ways to connect and discover your inner self.

Andréa Marcucci spent the bulk of her career as an advertising executive and agent. After working as the Head of Sales at film production company Ridley Scott and Associates in New York and London, Andréa founded her talent management company, Agent 99, in New York. Where she represented directors, editors, and visual effects for TV and branded entertainment. She then founded Direkt Art, an experiential production company bridging the art and commercial worlds to produce brand. Andréa is the host of What Do You Believe podcast, ranked our number one top podcast for women. 

Fireside Chat: Redefining Success & Wellness with Noah Berman

Join Noah and Andréa fireside chat conversation with a Wellness Coach and Co-founder of the Higher Mind, Noah Berman. Learn new ways to define success and how to nourish your mind with Food.

At a young age, Noah was experiencing various health issues, from rashes to fatigue, he was always overweight and struggled to feel good in his body. After being diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder, Noah visited various doctors and took his health into his own hands. He became passionate about all angles of wellness, from supplements to holistic nutrition. Noah became self-educated and found himself interning at ALOHA. He quickly moved into product development and formulation for the brand. After watching them successful grow in New York, Noah began consulting for other various wellness companies across the globe including Torii Labs, Ritual, and Evermore. He continues to consult on product innovation and has recently developed his own product line called Higher Mind. Noah has been featured in Refinery 29, The Guardian, Depak Chopra TV, FOX Business, Digital Trends, EverTalk TV and more

Wellness Mixer: The wellness mixer was designed to give you a chance to connect with others on your habits, similarities, and differences while playing the GC4W Wellness Bingo.

Mindfulness Meditation: A guided meditation with Gemma Gambee Lewis. 

Gemma Gambee Lewis is a meditation and spiritual teacher nurturing the integration between the spirit and the mind. Prior to teaching, she enjoyed a 20-year career in fashion from Tom Ford to Victoria Secret. 

Gemma Gambee Lewis is a meditation and spiritual teacher nurturing the integration between the spirit and the mind. Prior to becoming a teacher, Gemma enjoyed a 20-year career in international fashion that included modeling, trend forecasting, and brand building with everyone from Tom Ford to Victoria Secret. Growing up Irish Catholic in Buffalo, Gemma was always enchanted by the mysticisms of religion. At the age of 19, during her time at the Art Institute of Chicago, Gemma discovered yoga which began a two-decade immersion into the traditions of Yoga, Bhakti, the Vedas, Vedanta, and Kashmir Shaivism. Gemma’s most at home supporting female entrepreneurs and creatives and has had the privilege of working with Grammy-nominated artists, female founders, and c-suite execs while also sharing her teaching at Miami Art Basel and MoMA’s Quiet Mornings.

GC4W Circle Wellness Event

Closing Remarks with Dr. Lilian Ajayi Ore and Francesca Vuillemin

Dr. Lilian Ajayi Ore is Founder & CEO, GC4W, and Francesca Vuillemin is a Brand Strategist. The closing remark is an opportunity to reconnect as a circle to discuss our collective experiences.

Dr. Lilian Ajayi Ore is the Founder and CEO of the Global Connections for Women Foundation, an award-winning NYC-based non-profit-organization with a reach of 3.5 million people worldwide. Lilian is an award-winning humanitarian, Chief learning officer, a University faculty at NYU, a leadership ambassador, and an international speaker featuring on various international stages. Lilian is an innovator, career advisor, and transformative leader.

Francesca Vuillemin has dedicated her career to integrating public relations, sales, and marketing strategies across social and experiential platforms. She began her career as an international fashion model, representing lifestyle and luxury brands through fashion media platforms. As her popularity grew in social media, she parlayed her social platform expertise into consultancies evolving into management roles for product launches and retail partnerships. For the past 3 years, Francesca has worked for Reserved Magazine where she was recently promoted to business relations director securing investment, advertising, and celebrity interviews. 

Space is limited, confirm your tickets here

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Space is limited, confirm your tickets here.