The GC4W University Professional Development Workshop Series is an exciting opportunity for you to learn new skills and leadership tactics from successful entrepreneurs and leading practitioners on more ways to create successful career pathways for yourself and/or your business.

About the gc4w professional development upcoming workshop:

The Own Your Career webinar and workshop with the Leang K. Chung is divided into two segments advice for employers and employees:

  • ✔️ Learn how to define what career success means to you. 
  • ✔️ Learn how to take action in order to achieve career success.
  • ✔️ Identify how the GC4W community can play a role in your journey to achieving career success.

About the guest speaker:

Leang Chung is a founder, CEO, speaker, HR strategist, career coach, instructor, and learning content designer. Throughout her career as an HR executive and trusted advisor, she partnered with business leaders to lead and scale transformational organization changes. Specializing in helping companies successfully transition from one business phase to the next. Today she is the Founder & CEO of Pelora Stack, a purpose-driven company with a mission to transform the next generation of HR leaders.

Born in a Thai refugee camp after the Khmer Rouge regime ended in the country of Cambodia, arriving in the U.S. at the age of one, and raised by two hard-working parents, Leang understands what it is like to be under-resourced and underestimated. She is proud to live the American dream because of her parent’s courage, support from friends/mentors, and the opportunity to access more in life through grit and strong work ethics.

Leang holds an M.A. degree in Organizational Psychology with a concentration in Change Leadership from Columbia University and a B.S. degree in Marketing from Johnson & Wales University. She lives in the Prospect Heights area of Brooklyn, NY with her boyfriend and their two cats, Bella and Cat Pirate.

Leang sits on the board of the Global Connections for Women Foundation where she joins in designing the professional development workshops and programs to ensure the success of the gc4w circle members.

Space is limited, be sure to register below. 

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