An International Women’s Day Challenge, are you ready? ONE person and ONE action is all it takes to build a world that is safer and more equitable for women and girls. Here is your chance to be this person. 


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10/10 campaign organisers believe that 10/10 is an opportunity for individuals to participate in a great movement leading up to International Women’s Day. Therefore, individuals are encouraged to participate in Global campaign by doing one or all ten actions listed below. 

Day 1- Learn
Learn about the challenges facing women in developing countries

Day 2- Advocate
Raise your voice and call for change

Day 3- Raise awareness

Inform your world about the issues facing women in developing countries

Day 4- Get creative
Use your creativity energy to help make the world a better place

Day 5- Petition
Create the change you want to see by signing or starting a petition 

Day 6- Make a donation
Give or fundraise for your favorite charity working to empower girls & women

Day 7- Volunteer
Lend your time and talent to an organisation that empowers girls and women around the globe

Day 8- Buy for good
Buy something from an ethical shop that empowers women

Day 9- Use social media
Become an armchair activist for the day

Day 10- Celebrate
Host or attend an International Women’s Day Event

The Global Connections for Women Foundation supports the 10Ways10Days movement, and we urge our supporters to participate in this effort, the organizers of 10/10 want to encourage us all to take action, be-it small or large.  Many of us just don’t know where to start when it comes to activism. 10/10 has done the leg work by providing a framework for people use. 10 concrete action that lead to a better world for women and girls.

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About the Circle Movement:

An Australian based group named Circle Movement, have devised a list of 10 simple actions, one for each day of the week, in the 10 days leading up to International Women’s Day (IWD) 8 March 2015, in a campaign called – 10 Ways, 10 Ways (10/10).

Circle Movement, is a dynamic group of advocators, who actually believe that together we may just change the world (or at least in parts), if we decide to participate and engage. The team at Circle Movement believe gender equality requires a collective strategy, a revolution of compassion, kindness, persistence & determination – even when the enormity of challenges facing women and girls in developing countries required a continued systematic and global focus on correcting gender roles.

“People get stuck crossing the gap between being interested in social issues and their ability to act.  We see 10/10 as the starting line of a person’s activism experience; an entry point that will hopefully lead individuals to greater understanding, compassion and capacity to act.” says Kristy Fox, Co-Founder of Circle Movement. 

Circle Movement formed three years ago after group of mothers with young children read the book ‘Half the Sky’ written by Pulitzer Prize-winning team, Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn. Deeply moved by the content of the book, Kristy purchased 10 copies to give away to friends. Before long, what started out as a book-club between friends, turned into a burgeoning movement. The book served as a “passionate call to action against what the authors describe as “our era’s most pervasive human rights violation: the oppression of women and girls in the developing world.”


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The actions required by you to start 10 Ways in 10 Days:

 1. Pledge your support through Thunderclap {}

 2. Visit the 10 Ways in 10 Days site {}

 3. Like & share stories of your commitment on their Facebook event page

 4. Get your friends, family or colleagues to participate in 10 Ways in 10days

About this Movement: 10 Ways, 10 Days is Circle Movement’s latest brainchild. When the team pitched this idea to the selection panel at ING Dream Starter Program last November, the campaign was chosen as the feature project. In the space on one month, Circle Movement managed to crowd-fund $3640 and attracted 42 backers.

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