Top 10 Cities for Women in Tech in 2018, according to Google Diversity Report. The company revealed that women make up just 31 percent of their overall workforce. When looking specifically at tech roles within the company, women hold just 20 percent of those positions, up from 17 percent three years ago. Outside of Google and across the tech industry as a whole, PayScale reports that women women make up just 21 percent of executive level positions.

SmartAsset, personal finance company used the data from the U.S Census Bureau and came up with its list of Best Cities for Women in Tech in 2018 based on gender pay gap, income after housing costs, women’s representation in the workforce and employment growth.

Top 10 Cities for Women in Tech: 

The US Capitol at night after the senate addjourned tell 1pm EST sunday January 20, 2018 in Washington, DC.

1. Washington, D.C.

Gender pay gap: 91 percent

Income after housing costs: $56,188

Tech jobs held by women: 38.5 percent

Four-year employment growth: 33 percent


2. Kansas City, Missouri

Gender pay gap: 102 percent

Income after housing costs: $57,386

Tech jobs held by women: 26.5 percent

Four-year employment growth: 16 percent


3. Baltimore, Maryland

Gender pay gap: 86 percent

Income after housing costs: $53,322

Tech jobs held by women: 31.9 percent

Four-year employment growth: 36 percent


Sunset from City Hall in Philadelphia.

4. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Gender pay gap: 94 percent

Income after housing costs: $49,099

Tech jobs held by women: 31.7 percent

Four-year employment growth: 19 percent

5. Albuquerque, New Mexico

Gender pay gap: 96 percent

Income after housing costs: $53,181

Tech jobs held by women: 28.2 percent

Four-year employment growth: 8 percent

6. St. Paul, Minnesota (tie)

Gender pay gap: 89 percent

Income after housing costs: $49,300

Tech jobs held by women: 26.4 percent

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Four-year employment growth: 41 percent


7. Arlington, Virginia (tie)

Gender pay gap: 83 percent

Income after housing costs: $58,253

Tech jobs held by women: 33.1 percent

Four-year employment growth: 14 percent

8. New Orleans, Louisiana

Gender pay gap: 99 percent

Income after housing costs: $42,045

Tech jobs held by women: 36.3 percent

Four-year employment growth: 20 percent

9. New York, New York

Gender pay gap: 88 percent

Income after housing costs: $55,377

Tech jobs held by women: 26.4 percent

Four-year employment growth: 17 percent

10. Indianapolis, Indiana

Gender pay gap: 99 percent

Income after housing costs: $50,894

Tech jobs held by women: 26.3 percent

Four-year employment growth: 12 percent


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