One of the ways to make a change in your life is to use your time wisely. We can’t get more time but we can use the time we have to its maximum. Effectively using time during your lunch break is one way to be more productive. Here are 10 things to do during your lunch break.

1. Work toward your dream job

Let’s say you take fifteen minutes to eat lunch, that gives you around forty minutes of free time. In that amount of time, you can work on a project for your portfolio, apply to different job boards, spruce up your resume ask your boss if you can work on other opportunities for reasons of personal growth.

If you take that forty minutes a day, by the end of the week it is two hundred minutes of solid time working toward your goals.

2. Figure out an exercise regimen

If you are a runner, run before your meal. If walking does it, include it at any point before or after. If you want to work on killer abs, do your crunches before you release yourself to eat for the day. Pick one routine and focus on it, and when you have done it every day and are happy with the results; you’ll be proud of the use of your time.

3. Meditate

Meditating is good for the mind and body. It can help achieve a level of focus that is healthy and it combats anxiety or depression. Spending that moment at lunchtime to clear your brain is a lot like restarting your computer after it gets a deep defragment. It clears the mind and allows you to deal with issues easier. It’s a healthy habit to practice every day.

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4. Work on a planner or a bullet journal

Want to plan out your life, meals, goals but never have enough time to jot things down? Use that gap in lunch time to focus on you. Focus on all the things you need to remember for the week, and all of the things you want to incorporate. If everything gets written down on Monday or Tuesday, you can spend the rest of the week completing and tracking what is in the planner. Planners have been proven to increase productivity and obtain focus.

5. Write to your little hearts content

Free writing can cure up mental clutter. It can help release emotions that often cannot be said out loud. Just an extra twenty to thirty minutes a day of free therapy at lunch time can do the mind a lot of good. Unless you find a particular subject to write about, just write about what is weighing on your heart or mind that day.

6. Meal Plan for the following day

Take your fifteen minutes to eat and an additional twenty to plan your meal for the next day and stick to that plan. Slowly you will break the habit of unhealthy fast food and quick choices and get the opportunity to use up what is in your closet or try out new places and dishes you would have never thought of before. Along the way, do a little meal budgeting.

7. Get through a book

Let’s go back to that free time after you have taken your fifteen minutes of food, read something that will help motivate your workplace blues or issues. Read something inspiring and refreshing. Rhett Power has a book called “The Entrepreneurs Book of Action.” Use this opportunity of structured reading time to tackle something new and useful.

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8. Work on other ways to make money

Certain companies have a need for blogs on everyday life and are willing to pay people to write for them… Along the way, you will sharpen your writing skills. Other ways to make money is to search legitimate sites for people who need certain services.

9. Call a loved one

Spending your lunch time calling someone you love and care about puts you in a better mood and makes them realize that you really care about them.

10. Get through an Podcast or Training

Everyone has to take a little extra leisurely time. If none of these ideas sound like a way to spend that mid-day work gap, pick a podcast or training series and complete an one a day or part of an episode a day and watch how quickly you get through a series. The key is your learning and getting inspired to move towards your goals all while getting paid.

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