When it comes to kicking excuses to the curb and getting yourself to the gym, motivation is key.

So here 11 ways to help you hit the gym…

1. Put the results you want to achieve in writing.

Having #goals is great, but writing them down is even better—especially if you put the paper you jotted them down on somewhere you’ll look often. That helps remind you why you’re going to the gym, which is so, so key for staying motivated, says Andia Winslow, a pro golfer and a certified personal trainer. So if you want to finally master a handstand, shed some pounds, or build your strength, Winslow recommends writing that on a piece of paper and pinning it somewhere you’ll see it in the office. (You can always put it in a drawer you’ll open all the time if you don’t want it out on display.)

2. Make gym dates—with yourself.

Plotting out your workouts ahead of time will make you way less likely to skip them. At the start of each week, decide which days you’ll be hitting the gym, and plan out a routine for each one, suggests certified personal trainer Tatiana Lampa. At the end of each workout, she says to look back at that plan and check off everything you accomplished. It’ll feel amazing and help you keep the momentum going.