Neha Bagaria only intended to take a break from her career to have a baby but, ended up taking a three-year hiatus. After returning, she founded JobsForHer to help women integrate back into the workforce. 

Bagaria took a break in 2009 to have her baby and re-entered the workforce in 2013. She was unhappy with her job at a Biotech company and was set on helping women like her. 
“I dealt with everything from guilt management to time management to fear management to biases management,” says Bagaria.
She realized that all her doubts and concerns were not unique. It must be a similar experience for other women trying to re-enter the workforce. Launched on International Women’s Day in 2015, Bargaria birthed JobsForHer. The resource is an online portal for women aspiring to restart their careers. Now drawing more than 300,000 monthly visitors, she has been able to reach millions of women. 
JobsForHer reaches 15 cities from Delhi to Mumbai and posts jobs from more than 5,000 companies. They feature both big and small corporations like Citibank or Unilever and jobs ranging from volunteer opportunities to full-time positions. Also, they partner with over 300 vendors who offer re-skilling services to bring women up-to-date in their field. Covering everything from resume writing to technology training, a team of 500 mentors from a variety of sectors guide the women returning

“This is an online marketplace model where we connect women to all that is required to restart their careers,” says Bagaria. “We offer branding and engagement solutions for our clients who want to showcase themselves to our audience of women returnees through our various channels, like our portal or social media outlets as well as our offline events,” says Bagaria.

Millions of women every year drop out of the workforce for a variety of reasons including child care and marriage. Many never return due to the lack of quality childcare or low confidence. With so many dropping outsources identify, “women restarters” as an important segment of the market

“Women re-starters represent a latent talent pool,” says Bagaria. “They are experienced, capable, recharged, mature women who are often available to join companies immediately.”

JobsForHer is free to register and hold two annual career events- AccelHERate held on International Women’s Day and RestartHer in September.
“We strive to create a balanced workforce with equal representation of women in the workplace and a balanced society with women regaining their financial independence and self-confidence,” says Bagaria.