Every semester of college brings something new to campus— whether it be new class  (obvi), new friends, or new sports. But, we tend to overlook some of the new opportunities that come with the beginning of the semester. 

Joining a club in college can be one of the most pivotal decisions that you make throughout your career on campus, as long as you make the decision worthwhile. Here at UNF, there are so many clubs and organizations to be apart of, that to do anything less would mean you’re seriously missing out. 

Besides a way to fill time being productive, there are many other reasons to join a club on campus:

1. It’s a way to come out of your shell. 

If you’re naturally a shy or introverted person, joining a club is a great way for you to come out of your shell. There’s no pressure in getting to know everyone, and you know that you already fit in because you’re all there because you share a common interest. Sooner or later, you’ll become more and more comfortable with the other members of your club, and you’ll be able to be yourself! 

2. You’re able to connect with people who share your interests. 

Joining a cub is a guaranteed way to find friends that you have shared interests with. Who wants to join a club that they aren’t really feeling? The fun thing about clubs is that you get to explore and surround yourself with something that you know you like, and in doing so, you surround yourself with people who like the same thing. So, off the bat you have something in common with the people around you! 

3. It can be a giant resume booster. 

There are so many organizations that you are able to join on campus that can seriously give your resume a boost. Organizations like PRSSA and HASA are associations that are aimed towards students in the respective majors that are here to work for you. There are events and major networking opportunities that can help later on with internships and careers once you graduate. Plus, some of them are set up in ways that you can gain experience in your field, which is something you’d definitely want to include in your resume. 

And don’t worry— there are more than these three associations on campus. 

4. It can help you find your footing on campus. 

Coming into college, especially as a transfer or a freshman, can have its ups and downs. One way to feel like you are connecting with your campus is to get involved with it! Staying in your dorm or driving home as soon as classes are over can get a bit boring, and it definitely doesn’t let you feel like a “college student” they way participating in what your campus has to offer does. 

5. It gets you to try something different — and that’s a good thing!

There are all sorts of clubs offered by UNF students that allow others to try new things. From knitting to skeet shooting, there are clubs that offer new experiences for students with an undying sense of curiosity. 

6. It’s fun! 

“Well, duh! Why isn’t this Reason #1?” 

Joining a club can be super beneficial to you journey into the real world by providing you with experience, networking connections, and some confidence boosters. But, on top of all of that, clubs are fun! You get to be a part of something that you enjoy and be invested in it. Writers, you should check out OWL. If you’re a people person, you may be interested in Best Buddies. Yogis, there’s a club for you too!