Mother’s Day Gift Guide: The Best Travel Products For Frequent Fliers

By Ramsey Qubein

Finding the right gift for the important moms around you can be a challenge, especially if she travels frequently. There are, however, some clever and unusual options that can make her globetrotting more comfortable and convenient (both on the road and once she returns home). Here are some suggestions to keep her smiling this month and beyond.

Oura Smart Ring sleep tracker

Frequent travel can wreak havoc on one’s sleep patterns, but the Oura Smart Ring can help people better manage it. This ring is discreet while using more than 20 biometric signals and health sensors to track various patterns to produce a score that helps people understand what they can do to improve their rest and fitness. It studies things like heart rate variability, oxygen saturation and skin temperature. Over time, it can make suggestions (via a synced app) for when to rest more if REM sleep is lacking. The Oura ring also reviews fitness patterns counting active calorie burn, steps and distance traveled. Like an Apple watch, the Oura ring takes things a step further because it is measuring things like skin temperature and pulse from the finger, providing a more accurate reading. For Mother’s Day, there are discounts on the Gold Horizon, Heritage and Rose Gold Horizon rings. One of the best gifts could be one focused on health and wellness for those we love.

Autio storytelling app

This app shares stories about more than 10,000 places around the United States, and it can curate stories based on your geographic location. It’s a special way to enjoy a more immersive travel experience, no matter where you are. Each audio story, narrated by well-known voices like Kevin Costner and John Lithgow, lasts between two and four minutes. It’s an entertaining and educational gift for the frequent-traveling mom.

Talia di Napoli combo pizza pack

If mom is flying far from home for work, her family still deserves to eat well. And so does she. Surprise her with one of these hot pizza pies waiting for her when she returns so she doesn’t need to worry about preparing meals for the family. Talia di Napoli’s combo pizza packs arrive flash-frozen from the small-business pizza factory in Naples, Italy. The handmade flavors include margherita pizza, double cheese, a gluten free margherita that is celiac-safe and even a vegan margherita that uses plant-based cheese. All other pizzas use Italian ingredients like local limestone and mineral salt water, lower gluten flour, extra virgin olive oil and “Oro Bianco” mozzarella baked over beech wood with no added preservatives or sugar. It’s a great gift for moms that want to stock the freezer with authentic cuisine before leaving home (or for a surprise to her when she returns). The company is producing a variety of new flavors and a soon-to-come, revamped loyalty program for its increasingly popular U.S. audience.

Car sharing app gift cards

When mom is in a different city, but wants to get around without using a ridesharing service, there are many options. UFODRIVE gives access to luxury electric, zero-emission vehicles with a fully contactless rental experience. By using one’s smartphone, drivers can reserve, unlock and drive the car. The fleet includes electric car brands like Cupra, Tesla Model 3&Y and Polestar. Cars are available in cities like Austin, Boston, Chicago, Las Vegas and Los Angeles, plus many cities in Europe. The company also offers a loyalty program awarding points for each rental.

Another is Turo, dubbed “the Airbnb of cars,” where users can choose the type of car and rental period in many cities across the country. It’s also an entertaining way to test drive a different type of car than they have at home. Gift cards to Turo could make a great Mother’s Day gift adding convenience and independence to her next trip. There are all kinds of cars available for users, depending on the city.

Scented candles and fragrances

The memories and emotions that come from a fragrance can make us feel at home or remember a special vacation experience. That’s why candles can be a special gift for mom, either reminding her of home when she travels or a special trip you took together. Often, hotels make their signature scents available for sale online. Grand Hotel Tremezzo’s line of Sense of Lake products includes a bespoke, Lake Como-crafted fragrance and candles that are used around the property.

Scent Lab recently introduced a limited-edition candle vessel sporting its Moonflower hue along with four new seasonal scents with citrus, floral and herbal blends. These are easy to travel with, but also a great gift for the office, home or suitcase.

Badura luxury handbags

If you want to treat your mom to a special, handmade gift, especially if you recently returned from a trip to Italy, this one is for women who enjoy fashion and style. Designer Aleksandra Badura created this luxury line using authentic leather and a timeless design. Each is cut and stitched by hand in a Rome workshop with detailing that you won’t just find anywhere. For those that like to support local, small business, this is a fashionable way to show off your love for Italian design.

BioLite AlpenGlow Nightlight Bundle 500

For a fun family (or romantic) camping get-together, this AlpenGlow Nightlight Bundle 500 from BioLite rings in as a great gift. With multiple colors, it’s an entertaining way to illuminate a camping space as well as any type of party atmosphere. The Chroma Real LED technology takes its inspiration from the sunrise and evening sky colors, and just a shake of the wrist can change the tone. There is also a button that makes changing the intensity or turning it on or off quite simple. It also has a candle flicker mode (great for parties) and even a fireworks sequence.