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Women are Saving the Planet with Recycled Fashion

From Trash to Treasures. This Fashion trend is helping to Save the Planet.  Women around the world are at the forefront of using art and creativity to solve the looming waste crisis through Recycled Fashion – which was recently celebrated at the 2014 UNICEF Activate Talks on Youth and Child Participation forum. Among the speakers was Jasmina Chashule of Macedonia, who presented on the concept of turning trash into…

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Frock, Paper, Scissors: Child Prodigy Wows Fashion World

Frock, Paper, Scissors: Child Prodigy Wows the Fashion World. Five-year-old “Mayhem” has brought a new twist to the time-honored play of dress-up and paper dolls. Dubbed a fashion prodigy by Glamour, Vogue, and most recently J. Crew, Mayhem first caught the attention of the style world through an Instagram account {@2sisters_angie} and blog maintained by her mother {}, Angie. The phenom…

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Remarkable Moments for Women & Girls in 2014

The Global Connections for Women foundation (GC4W) recognizes the remarkable moments and accomplishments of Women & Girls across the globe in 2014. 1. March 2014: Lupita Nyong’o became the First African Female to win an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress – for her outstanding performance in the movie “12 Years a Slave.”  The resounding effects of the last words of her acceptance…

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TIME’s People of the Year: Ebola Fighters

Congratulations to Time Magazine List of  “Person of the Year” #EbolaFighters. This year, TIME Magazine Person of the Year recognized some of the amazing healthcare workers who dealt with the current Ebola crisis. The article documented the grandeur actions of these presumably ordinary people whose personal efforts directly served the containment of the deathly disease. The most current Ebola outbreak affected…

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Denise Ajayi-Williams_GC4W Ultimate SuperMom

Ultimate Supermom Spotlight: Denise Ajayi-Williams Spreads Multicultural Message

Writer Spreads Multicultural Message through African Folktale Revival. Denise Ajayi-Williams wanted to give her child and other children of African descent the story of a hero that “resembles a champion from their own community,” so she decided to write one of her own. The result is Akiti the Hunter — a five-part children’s book series that chronicles the adventures of…

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