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76+ Women-Owned Small Businesses To Support From A Distance

Women who leave the workforce after having children often go the entrepreneurial route when they’re ready to work again, rather than attempting to jump back on the corporate ladder. Unfortunately that means they’re some of those getting hit the hardest as small businesses across the country close their brick and mortar stores as we shelter-in-place to protect against the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Time has chosen 100 “Women of the Year”

Because its “Person of the Year” is Often a Man, Time has Chosen 100 “Women of the Year.” By Caitlin O’Kane Time magazine has chosen 100 “Women of the Year,” selecting one trailblazing woman to represent each year from 1920 to 2019. It’s a distinctive way to celebrate Women’s History Month, but it’s also an acknowledgment that for many years, women’s contributions…