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Animation Opens Doors for Women and Their Stores

Animation Opens More Screen Doors for Women and Their Stories By Karen Idelson As calls for diversity and gender parity in entertainment are reshaping the industry, animation continues to promote and represent women in game-changing roles, for executives and creative leaders.  Jennifer Lee leads Walt Disney Animation Studios. Kristine Belson runs Sony Animation. Karen Toliver heads Netflix’s toon arm. Ramsey Naito…

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‘Comics Kickstarted My Dream Career’

‘Comics Kickstarted My Dream Career’ The London-based Kiwi creative says Footrot Flats sparked her spectacular success. By Leena Tailer On the surface, their careers couldn’t sound more contrasting – while animation producer Chrissy Metge has helped bring fictional wars to life on blockbusters like The Hobbit, her naval officer husband Russell Metge has dedicated his career to bringing peace to…

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