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8 Smart Questions to Ask in a Job Interview, According to Career Experts

8 Smart Questions to Ask in a Job Interview, According to Career Experts By Emilia Benton Job interviews can be nerve-wracking, but like most things in life, showing up prepared makes a huge difference. “Prepared” includes knowing what questions to ask in a job interview—not just getting ready to field your interviewer’s questions to you. While yes, the company is interviewing you…

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Interview Questions to Expect During the Pandemic and What to Ask Employers

By Rachel Pelta No matter why you’re looking for a new job, job hunting during the coronavirus pandemic is unique. Instead of attending in-person networking events, you’re likely attending virtual job fairs and tapping your network online. Whatever you’re doing, though, it’s finally paid off. You’ve got a job interview! And while you’re prepared for the fact that it will probably happen online, you’ll want…

5 Questions You Should Ask At The End Of An Interview

You did everything you needed to do to prepare for your interview. You ran through practice questions, researched industry happenings and even found the perfect “working girl” pants-and-blazer combo to wear on the big day. And unsurprisingly, your interview is going off without a hitch. Just when you think the interview is over and you have the job in the bag, your interviewer asks:…

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