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Mom, Can I Stay Up to Prepare for My Pitch?

Lucy Lareau is excited about the publication of her latest book, this one on monarch butterflies. Conceiving, writing, editing and promoting it required hard work — all while she was finishing the seventh grade. With her mother and co-author, Liz Lareau, 12-year-old Lucy has a contract with the publisher, Papercutz, to produce 10 graphic novels about girls who use their skills in science, engineering,…

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This 12-year-old Entrepreneur has Sold $2 Million Worth of Healthy Lollipops.

The formidable entrepreneur is founder of Zollipops, a business that’s moved $2 million worth of lollipops that are actually good for your teeth since its founding in 2015. Like any busy CEO, her days are filled with phone calls, emails, handing out instructions to her staff of six, and pouring over profit-and-loss data. Not to mention, homework. The pint-sized powerhouse from Wolverine…

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