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Business Woman of the Year, Korede Edih

Korede Edih_Business Woman of the Year_GC4W

Meet GC4W’s Business Woman of the Year, Korede Edih.

The Global Connections for Women Foundation (GC4W) celebrates Mrs. Korede Edih as the “Business Woman of the Year” — her business acumen, leadership, smarts, discipline, and commitment puts her on the very top of our list. 

GC4W meet up with Mrs. Korede Edih in Nigeria, to learn more about her, her background, and business operations.  When I started the business, there were so many doubts that almost discouraged me. I spoke with some people already in the business and I had more negative talks than positive ones. However, I didn’t relent, I contacted more business owners and I asked so many questions. Armed with information, I decided to start up the business” said Mrs. Korede Edih, during the interview. 

  • Tell us about yourself:
    • I am Mrs. Korede Edih, a graduate of Mass communication from Covenant University. I’m the owner of Edihs Groceries which is a franchise supermarket chain under a leading and fast growing retailing company, I’m also a professional network marketing executive. I have vast experience in marketing, sales, customer relations and relationship management, having worked in the corporate IT world for over 8 years. I have very strong interpersonal skills and commendable team spirit.
  • Why did you decide to start your business? What have you learned about your customers?
    •  I decided to start this business because I needed to pull away from the norm. In this part of the world, a lot of people believe if you don’t have a monthly pay or a regular 8-5 then you may not be successful, I have a different mindset towards life. Having worked in the corporate world, gaining the necessary experience and imparting the company positively, starting my own business and being my own boss became very essential. It guarantees me more time; it guarantees openness to create a multiple streams of income. Being in the FMCG world (Fast Moving Consumer Goods), you get to meet all varieties of people. Some are satisfied while some may not be satisfied. I have been able to understand the needs of my customers, and I understand when they need direction or guidance on which products to purchase. Having worked in a call center of a telecoms company, I have experience in customer care and customer relations. However, it is a priority of mine to do all I can to make my customers happy.
  • What has been the most valuable thing you have learned thus far? How do you promote your business? 
    • I have learnt that asides from the money you make, your staff and customers help make the business; so you have to apply hard work, love, compassion to your work. I make use of social media a lot to promote my business which has helped me; Facebook, BBM, WhatsApp, and Instagram. I also visit other stores who would like to purchase whole sale items, so they can retail them to their customers. I’m not afraid to discuss me and my business when I meet people, so ‘word of mouth” works too.
  • What attitudes are important to have when you become a business owner in Nigeria?
    • Discipline is the soul of an army. You must be strong and disciplined. When I started my business, a lot of people were not sure they could go into the business, and I asked why, they said because they will just keep taking one grocery or the other, and may never pay for the item. I personally buy from me, and I ensure I pay. My staff knows not to let me go without paying. If I take an item in a rush, she notes it and puts my name in the creditors book and reminds me until I pay. We have a creditors book for clients that are close family and friends that would have to do a bank transfer or that would order and ask us to deliver. One can’t thrive without it. Also, you should care about your staff and their wellbeing, knowing details about their life outside the business. My past experience has taught me that a boss that doesn’t care will let the business suffer. Also one has to be innovative. When it seemed like the economy was going to affect and slow down sales, we decided to try out gift baskets/ hampers. We decided to use every media we could to get clients and we have made considerable success. We had to try it out. Do not be afraid to try out new things.
  • Is starting a business in Nigeria — something that it is encouraged? Do you receive subsidies for being a business owner?
    • Yes, I strongly encourage every family to have a business, be it small scale or large scale, people should be encouraged to have multiple streams of income. The supermarket we run, which is a franchise, we get our items at good rates from the Retailing company, entirely different from the general market. So we also sell at good subsidized prices different from the general market.


  • What advice would you give others who are looking to start a business in Nigeria or in their community?
    • Think deep, research, get ready to work, pray, persevere and go for it. Go with all the strength, all the hard work, all the enthusiasm you possess because you will need it. When I started the business, there were so many doubts that almost discouraged me. I spoke with some people already in the business and I had more negative talks than positive ones. However, I didn’t relent, I contacted more business owners and I asked so many questions. Armed with information, I decided to start up the business. Note however, information is key to your success.

As a society, we must continue to uplift and recognize women with Mrs. Korede Edihs’s exemplary statue. We are also confident that this power woman’s story will give rise to more women across the globe — that they too can start a business of their own. We wish her continue success with her business, congratulations once more for being named GC4W Business Woman of the Year. 

The Global Connections for Women Foundation (GC4W) is an award winning non-profit organization headquartered in New York, with programs and partners in various parts of the world. GC4W believes in the rights of women and girls to create new opportunities for themselves and their communities.

Introducing Billboard & American Express’ 2016 Women in Music Awards|Inspiring a Generation – Watch Video


 “You are enough, whatever is inside you is enough. Just own that and make that the most amazing thing possible” Bozoma Saint John, Head of Global Consumer Marketing iTunes/Apple Music and Billboard’s Executive of the Year honoree.

The above short film includes interviews with Tori Kelly, Michelle Obama, Bozoma Saint John, and other powerful women about the evolving influence of women in the music industry.

Billboard held its annual Women in Music gala in New York, honoring some of the most talented, influential and successful women in the music industry. Before the event, Billboard has partnered with American Express to present “Women in Music: Inspiring a Generation,” a short film that spotlights the importance of women in all levels of the industry, whether on stage or behind the scenes.

In the eight-minute video, such luminaries as Billboard Executive of the Year honoree Bozoma Saint John, breakout singer-songwriter Tori Kelly and even First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama weigh in on the increased empowerment of females in music. “Women have been rising to the top of just about every industry in this country,” explains Obama. “And that’s particularly true of the music industry.”

The First Lady also discusses how she women in music helped create the soundtrack for Let Girls Learn, the organization she founded with President Obama to empower young women worldwide. “The President and I launched Let Girls Learn in March 2015 to help girls worldwide get the opportunities they deserve to go to school,” she says in the video. “The song ‘This Is for My Girls’ supports Lets Girl Learn, and it serves as an anthem to rally women around the world to — and I quote — ‘Stand up, put your head up, don’t take nothing from nobody.”’
02-FEA-Shania-Twain-bb31-p-2016-billboard-1500Shania Twain Accepts Icon Award at Billboard Women in Music 2016, Credits ‘Dreaming, Working Hard & Being Courageous’ ..”I think I was 3 when I realized this was what I was supposed to do for the rest of my life,” said Twain, now 51, in the video preceding her award. For Billboard‘s Women in Music issue, Twain spoke about working on new music for an upcoming album that would be her first since 2002’s Up!.
Billboard Executive of the Year honoree Bozoma Saint John, The streaming service’s secret weapon. Now, after a headline-making onstage appearance and a series of high-profile, star-studded ads, she’s the (glamorous) new face of Apple Music. To hear Saint John, 39, describe the moment, history wasn’t on her mind. In fact, the head of global consumer marketing for iTunes and Apple Music finds the constant preface of “black” and “woman” in articles about her “annoying.” “I am one of the best at what I do,” she says, “regardless of being a woman and being black — those are benefits!” Thinking back, the engineers stirring in their seats weren’t of much concern to her, either. “The strategy was to talk to the people outside — those who are going to be watching in their office or on the phone, the people on social media,” she says. “They need to feel like their best girlfriend just told them about this cool new thing. It needed to feel fun because that’s what the ­experience of music is. So when no one [in the room] was really going along with the lyrics, it wasn’t scary because I could hear the roar of the crowd outside. I know they’re jamming.”

This is a repost of the original story on billboard, continue reading on billboard.com.

Michelle Obama Present the United State of Women and 6 Pillar Focus

Washington, D.C. - Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey at the White House United State of Women Summit in Washington, D.C.          June 14, 2016,

The first summit on The United State of Women represented an important moment for women and girls domestically and internationally, as well as for all proponents of gender justice and equality. Following the summit, The United State of Women remains committed to giving a megaphone to the importance of gender equality and providing a platform for addressing these critical concerns. The summit may have concluded, but our work is far from over.

The United State of Women focuses on six pillar topics:

The following is a recap of the last Forum Series – held by the United State of Women.

Equality doesn’t happen overnight. It happens day by day, conversation by conversation. We’re fueling these conversations with a series of forums that give the megaphone to women spearheading change in our six pillar focus areas. Last week, we kicked off the series at Tumblr HQ with Valerie Jarrett and authors, bloggers, and podcasters all creating and promoting female narratives in media.

Megan Smith, Chief Technology Officer of the United States, kicked off our second forum at 1776 DC that hosted badass CEO’s advancing the #StateofWomen in tech and entrepreneurship.

If you missed the forum, catch the replay here, and check out our three takeaways:

“Forget the pitch, tell the story. To anyone who’ll listen”
We heard from Tiffany Norwood, founder and CEO of Tribetan, that entrepreneurship wouldn’t be possible without telling your story. After all, you never know who is in the room! As Megan Smith told her own story, she reminded us that “women have always been an equal part of every story, just maybe not written down.”

Empowering women with capital is everyone’s responsibility

Nathalie Molina Niño, CEO of the new BRAVA Investments, a platform that invests in high-growth businesses that both do well for investors and improve the economic lives of women, reminded us that “my business partners are some of the most well-known, well-respected white male investors in the world and I think that we shouldn’t let them off the hook. They should be part of the solution.” For women, obtaining capital to start a business can be a huge obstacle. To give you a glimpse – there has been a 67% increase in black women-owned businesses, but black women still receive less than 1% of venture funding in America today. To learn more, head over to the National Women’s Business Council.

Leadership is being redefined every day

Kimberly Bryant, founder of Black Girls Code, challenged us to change the conversation about women in tech: “my goal is to change the paradigm, and even rewrite the frame, on what it means to be a coder, so that the world sees women and girls of color as leaders.” Let’s follow Kimberly and challenge the stereotypical (and outdated) image of leadership by encouraging all the women and girls in our lives to raise their voices!

“The Global Connections for Women Foundation (GC4W) — supports this movement and we encourage our supporters and followers to make a pledge and lets continue to grow the impact of The United State of Women Worldwide,” said Lilian O. Ajayi, Founder and Executive Director of GC4W. 

Join the conversation on twitter @USWomen2016 or visit www.theunitedstateofwomen.org to learn more. Remember to make a pledge on www.theunitedstateofwomen.org/pledge-generator/

Repost provided by the United State of Women.

GC4W, Nestle and The Dance Movie Project unite in the fight against Diabetes.


The Dance Movie Project (TDMP) Africa’s First Afrobeats Motion Picture premieres this Saturday (7.23.16), at the famous Helen Mills Theatre in New York. The Global Connections for Women Foundation, Nestle and The Dance Movie Project unite in amplifying the voices of women in the fight against Diabetes.

Africa’s 1st Afrobeats Dance Movie, The Dance Movie Project (TDMP), the Most Anticipated Dance Movie of the Year.

Eventbrite - The Dance Movie Project (#TDMP) - Official NYC Movie Premiere


GC4W, Nestle and The Dance Movie Project unite in amplifying the voices of women in the fight against Diabetes to increase their participation, and provide them with a platform to address the surrounding nutritional conditions.

In 2013, 72 million people lived with diabetes, and an estimate of 75 million people (20-79 years) are living with diabetes,but do not know it. The stats also show that it affects more women than men, and takes more lives than HIV/AIDS – especially in the Continent of Africa.  According the International Diabetes Federation in the document “Calling the world to Diabetes post 2015″ – “The absence of diabetes and NCDs was a major shortcoming of the Millennium Development Goals. The time has come to make development goals reflect the changing global burden of disease. Diabetes is caused by and contributes to poverty and inequality and poses a threat to development.” 

The Dance Movie Project (TDMP) is a film that showcases two homegrown styles known Afrobeats and Hip hop – and follows the journey of two young brothers who despite the disapproval of their single mother continue to chase their passion for dance in Lagos, Nigeria. The lives of the two brothers took an unexpected turn for the worst when their ailing mother was diagnose with diabetes.

The brothers alongside their dance crew endeavor to compete in a national dance competition in hopes to win the grand prize — in time to save their mother who fell into a diabetic coma, after her diagnosis.

Alexander Lexx Ore“I wanted to create an attention-grabbing story that shows the world what’s going on in Africa, particularly in countries like Nigeria where the prevalence of diabetes is on the rise” said, Alexander Ore, TDMP Writer and Executive Producer. “I also wanted to create a motion picture that would stimulate dialogue around the dance talents of African youths, particularly in ways that will exceed people’s preconceived notions about Africa. When moviegoers get to see TDMP, they will experience the world’s first Afrobeat dance film” he continues. 

The Global Connections for Women Foundation’s programs and initiatives impacts the lives of 3.5 Million people worldwide.

lilian ajayi gc4w csw59We are proud to join forces with NestléThe Dance Movie Project and other partners in creating a much-needed awareness and amplifying the need for women to participate in addressing treatments and the issues that surrounds pre-diabetic and diabetes disease” said Lilian Ajayi, Founder and Executive Director of the Global Connections for Women Foundation (GC4W).  

With the new partnerships, the Global Connections for Women Foundation is also making a new globun-sdgs-gc4wal commitment to enriching the lives of 10 Million Women and Youth in support of Goal 3: Promote Good Health and Well-Being, and Goal 5: Promote Gender Equality & Women Empowerment of the new United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The UN Sustainable Development Goals and targets will come into effect on 1st of January 2016, and will guide the  decisions the UN Member States take — over the next fifteen years.

“Working in a key partnership with the TMDP Movie and GC4W, is a starting point to buildwareness and education surrounding diabetes. The movie addresses the issue of metabolic diseases (in this case Diabetes) and the need to change nutrition and health behaviors to control this epidemic” said Nestlé Nutrition Senior Executive. The movie, The Dance Movie Project (TDMP) is rooted in national society anchors, like family, economic constrains and music key pillars for behavior change in youth, families and communities.

Nestlé has grown from a company founded nearly 150 years ago on the success of a life-saving infant cereal to a global leader in Nutrition, Health and Well-ness. Our growth has enabled us to help improve the lives of millions of people – through the products and services we provide and through employment, our supplier networks and the contribution we make to economies around the world. 4.1 million families earn a living because of Nestlé, including many rural small- holders in developing countries. “Finding better ways to collaborate and secure collective action is key to addressing society’s most critical challenges and maximizing the shared value we can create.Our commitments to environmental and social sustainability ensure we can continue to be part of the long-term solution,” Nestlé. 

The program is meant to empower women in areas of Health Care, Nutrition, Diabetes Prevention. 

The goal of this Nutrition & Entrepreneurship program is to:

  • Increase the participation of women in the fight against diabetes.
  • Increase the awareness of Health and Nutrition options.
  • Increase access to products that improve and serve as a preventive measure.

We thrilled to continue to strengthen the voices of women and the participation of women in the fight against diabetes, and we look forward to sharing more information about this program.

Learn more about The Dance Movie Project — by visiting www.tdmpthemovie.com and/or watch the Official TMDP Movie Trailer:

RSVP for the upcoming NYC World Premiere of The Dance Movie Project on eventbrite or on tdmpthemovie.eventbrite.com.

GC4W Join Forces with Dee Poku and The Other Festival on June 11, in honor of Women

TOF Eventbrite graphic

The Other Festival_GC4W_Brooklyn NYC

Join The All Female Festival Event at the Brooklyn Mirage, New York.

On June 11th, 2016 at the Brooklyn Mirage, The Other Festival will showcase a new era of women disrupters in music, leadership, entrepreneurship, and several marketplace creators.

RSVP Today with “OTHERFESTGC4 for an incredible experience.

dee-poku_WEI_GC4W_Other Festival“This is a one-of-kind event, a place to be inspired and to discover what’s next. Women in music, fashion, art and technology are at the forefront of innovation in America and I’m looking forward to gathering these mold breakers together. The future is most definitely female. Brooklyn has one of the highest concentrations of female entrepreneurs in America so it was only fitting that we hold our first festival there,” said Dee Poku, founder and CEO, WIE and creator of The Other Festival

Lilian Ajayi_YGB Award“We are thrilled to offer our support for such an empowering program, one that uplifts women in all stages of their life, and provides ample of opportunity to experience something that was created just for women. In addition to our foundation’s mission as the Global Connections for Women Foundation, an award-winning organization that believes in women and their rights to create new opportunities for themselves and their community, said Lilian O. Ajayi, Founder and Executive Director, Global Connections for Women Foundation (GC4W).

Guest Speakers: 

Lindsey Stirling, Rosario Dawson, Cynthia Rowley + daughter Kit Keenan, Abrima Erwiah (Studio 189), Shelby Drummond (Vogue), Marissa Webb, Yasmin Green (Principal, Google Ideas), Alicia Glen (Deputy Mayor), Melissa Battifarano (co-Designer, Rihanna’s FentyxPuma), Reshma Saujani (Founder, Girls Who Code), Elena Brower (yoga instructor), Gelila Bekele (philanthopist, filmmaker), Beverly Bond (Founder, Black Girls Rock), Erin Beatty (Creative Director, Suno), Stephanie Mark (Founder, The Coveteur), Chaka Pilgrim (President, Roc Nation), Jeni Britton (Founder, Jen’s Splendid Ice Creams), Melissa Ben-Ishay (Founder, Baked by Melissa), Brett Heyman (Founder, Edie Parker), Molly Guy (Founder, Stone Fox Bride), Pamela Love, Fran Hauser (investor), Aurora James (Founder, Brother Vellies), Elena Brower (yogi, author), Karen Wong (Deputy Director, New Museum), Rebecca Odes (co-founder, Wifey.tv), Rachel Tipograph (Founder, MikMak), Lauren Mailian (Host, Quit Your Day Job/Oxygen), Karen Robinovitz (Founder, Digital Brand Architects).
The event will commerce on Saturday, June 11, 2016 in Brooklyn, and will nurture creativity and promote entrepreneurship among millennial women.

  • The coolest space EVER – indoor/outdoor stages, mini gardens, viewing platform,
  • Fascinating and informative discussions,
  • Workshops on everything from blogging to design to raising money,
  • Ample opportunities to connect with fellow makers,
  • Art, photography, dance, demos,
  • Shopping in our SMART SHOP village,
  • And we cap it all off with a night of kick-ass live music!

The Other Festival is a first of its kind, one day event that highlights and celebrates female makers and creators. The event will feature talks, demos, workshops and music designed to educate and inspire. You’ll leave with concrete tools to help you maximise your talent. And you’ll connect with other likeminded founders and makers. For the full lineup, go to our website.


For group purchases – 10 or more, please email sales@theotherfestival.co


WHERE: Brooklyn Mirage – 140 Stewart Avenue Bushwick, New York, NY 11237 – View Map

Event Partners: 


The+SkimmGC4W Global Commitment   ogilvy-logo+-+transparent


Happy Mother’s Day: GC4W International Ultimate SuperMom Competition Winners

gc4w mothers day ultimate super mom

gc4w mothers day

Happy Mother’s Day To All Mothers In The World. The Global Connections for Women Foundation is proud to announce the winners of the International Ultimate Super Mom” Competition, a global contest designed to honor and celebrate a group of remarkable women, who continue to sacrifice and strive for the sake of their children and their communities. Nominees for the “Ultimate Super Mom Competition” were judged across a variety of key evaluation areas including overall community impact, specific contributions to the cause of women empowerment and go-forward plans for affecting change around and aiding the advancement of gender equality.

With selected honorees hailing from a cross-section of international communities including England, United Kingdom, Pakistan, India, and the United States of America. We are exceptionally pleased with the results and with our selected winners, CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL MOMS! 

gc4w mothers day ultimate super mom

Congratulations to our 2016 Mother’s Day Winners: 

  • Denise Ajayi Williams (California, USA) published the First African Action Hero Children’s Book Akiti the Hunter, a 5 part children’s series that captures the many adventures of an African descent hero. Denise is giving young children from the African race and beyond another hero that resembles heroes in their community. Her objective is to highlight the uniqueness of every race. Denise believes beauty can be expressed in different fashion. She celebrates diversity and welcomes any opportunity in doing so. She is launching 7 dolls from 7 countries. She is converting Akiti the Hunter into a children’s animation series. This series will introduce a hero to the American pop culture, that is long overdue and is authentic to it origination. As Akiti the Hunter is derived from African folklore. In addition to strengthening minority communities, Denise is a super mom because she has found the secret to work life balance. She understands the importance of family. She is a business owner, employee, wife, graduate student, author, writer, and most important a writer. She believes in the empowerment of not only her child, but the children in her community and beyond. Great examples of her super mom accomplishments include building a movement with Workingmomin20s.com, to feature and highlight unsung heroes of the world’s community.
  • Lois Moneke (Nnewi Anambra State, Nigeria) has helped to build a community Church by giving a lot of land to her community to build the church. She shared her agricultural seedlings with those who cannot afford to buy any. People that appreciate her in her community always come to seek advice because she always gives wise advice. She is a hardworking 73-year-old who was formerly a school village teacher but is now a farmer. She has impacted many lives in her community by growing crops for harvest and sharing with other women who have less. Mrs. Lois Moneke is a poor widow who manages to care for her seven children with little or no help. The community calls her “Mama Obioma,” meaning Mama Giveaway, even though she barely has enough extra in her life to give. Mrs. Lois Moneke’s contributions and to both members of her community and her family qualify her to be considered a super mom.
  • Cheryl Wood (Maryland, USA) has been committed to the empowerment of women and young girls for the past five years by consistently serving global communities of girls and women. Cheryl is a busy Mompreneur and a role-model to her three beautiful Children. As an author, she has given away hundreds of her motivational books to girls and women who are not in a position to purchase her books, so they too can receive the powerful content for moving their lives forward. In March 2012, Cheryl hosted a women’s conference and GIFTED 20 tickets to young girls in the community so they could be in the room and see what it was like to be around positive, empowered women. She gave each of the girls an award at the conference and celebrated their willingness to “show up.” Again, Cheryl was not looking to benefit personally from this event, she simply wanted to serve her community. Cheryl also hosts her own Women in Business Symposium, “Play Time is Over,” where over 120 Women are present and walked away empowered. Cheryl repeatedly volunteers her time to speak to youth groups and women’s groups to help them develop belief in their abilities to achieve their dreams and goals. For Women’s History Month, Cheryl has created a “Play Time Is Over Movement” for Women and Girls. Clearly, Cheryl has contributed to empowering women, in alignment with the ideals of GC4W.
  • Sumitra Aggarwal (West Bengal, India) believes in women empowerment and provides job opportunities to women who are having difficult lives because of being single. She funds poor female children’s education as much as possible. Also, she rehabilitates women with breast cancer who have undergone mastectomy and helps them to overcome mental trauma in order to resume social life as before. Dr. Sumitra Aggarwal started her company by the name of Artificial Eye Co where she makes custom made artificial eye, artificial ear, artificial nose, artificial finger and artificial breast for cancer patients. She is also Secretary of an NGO that distributes free medicines and books while also running free eye screening camps. Apart from taking care of her child and parents, she manages her home and runs her medical practise with utmost honesty and sincerity. Dr. Sumitra Aggarwal, a single parent, has a daughter, whom she helps get ready for to school and teaches for two hours each day as well as playing for one hour together daily. Dr. Sumitra Aggarwal is not only a super mom to her daughter, but a crucial part of her community.
  • Alice Aluoch (Delaware, United States) is a stay-at-home mom who spends her time managing a nonprofit in Kenya (Mfariji Africa) whose mission is to improve the lives of Kenyan girls by helping them to stay in school and complete their education through mentoring, menstrual health and hygiene training and provision of sanitary towels. 850,000 girls in Kenya miss school 5-6 days every month during their menstruation due to lack of sanitary towels. This puts the girls at a disadvantage in terms of equal learning hours with their male counterparts and strips away their self esteem due to lack of understanding of this natural process. Alice Aluoch raises funds to buy and distribute sanitary towels and inner wears to ensure that girls don’t miss school. Her volunteer team in Kenya educates girls on menstruation and mentors them. Alice has been on the frontline in campaigning for education, which resulted in her appointment as a Global Youth Ambassador for A World at School in Kenya, an organization that is working educate every child. She is also a recipient of a three-year fellowship from the Vital Voices (Washington DC), which offers training and mentorship to women who are pioneering change for women and girls in communities and countries across the globe.
  • Najam Us Sehar (Islamabad, Pakistan) has done a marvelous job by raising her four girls to be sensible, well educated, confident human beings without the help of any other as a single parent. She is a role model for everyone. Her mother raised her and her siblings as a single parent with no regular source of income. She is an example for anyone who may think they cannot survive without their husband. She sewed clothes day and night to earn her living to raise her children, to educate them and to help them marry. Her daughters are proud of their super mom since what they have become today is only because of her.
  • Lucinda Cross (New York, United States) frequently hosts free events for women and young teens for personal development and puts together forums for women to share their stories. She speaks in schools and can be often found working with the Boys and Girls Club or hosting a fundraiser. She has inspired many other women to start their own businesses. She is a public figure that shows the behind the scenes grind as a mom, wife and entrepreneur and she provides tips on how to balance it all. Lucinda is humble and is down to earth, providing resources and opening up her doors for other women to grow. Notably, she has a movement called Activate in which she assists women in building their business and focusing on their families. Lucinda is a super mom of four children.
  • Nicole Smith (Columbia, Maryland) serves on various committees and organizations in her county and surrounding cities, helping facilitate marketing services for nonprofit organizations, working with vendors, and connecting them with the events for nonprofit organizations to raise money and awareness about the needs of the community. She always shows others how to get out in the community and serve in different organizations and different activities. Having a son with certain disciplinary issues, she is able to work past some of those issues with him to help him become a better young man and hopefully a better adult when he reaches adulthood. Nicole is an outgoing mom who always tries to provide her son with different cultural events to attend so he can have a greater understanding of people and places that are unfamiliar to him. Nicole is always giving back to the community and recent entrepreneurs with her own daycare providing great childcare services, making her a super mom in both her family and community.
  • Patricia Minium Moonis (Virginia, United States) is a role model, not just to her children, not just to our community, but to the world. Her blog and her life already inspire hundreds of women every day. She has overcome so much in her life and maintains such hope and strength that everyone who meets her admires and wants to honor her. Those who have lost a spouse, those who have a child with learning disabilities, those who are struggling financially, those who have children to raise, those with sick parents, those who have been adopted can all relate to her story.  In the world today, people need someone like Patricia to look up to, to inspire them, to give them hope. She continues to try to volunteer at church and at her children’s’ schools. She cares for her seven children and does anything she can to help others in need.   In true Super Mom fashion, she puts everyone else before herself.
  • Tricia Baker (New Jersey, USA) is breaking ground bringing youth mental health awareness to the forefront. The thought of losing a child is devastating, yet she has taken that pain and used it to bring awareness so that others do not have to go through what she has gone through. Tricia lost her son Kenny who struggled with depression and anxiety. She is diving into an area of advocacy that many do not have the courage to speak about. There is still a significant stigma regarding mental illness and Tricia is looking to reverse that. Tricia and her family founded Attitudes in Reverse (AIR) in Kenny’s honor. Tricia also does not receive a salary for her work with AIR. In addition to working, Tricia often attends many school presentations, requiring traveling, waking up early, and organizing volunteers. She has worked tirelessly to bring awareness to teen mental health disorders and the need for awareness and acceptance. There has been over 20,000 “Coming Up for AIR” presentations that discuss signs and symptoms, why it is important to seek help. In addition to founding AIR, Tricia and her family also founded the Paws for AIR program that matches dog, often rescues who are trained to be service dogs with individuals. In addition, a traveling exhibit was created “In Their Shoes” that represents individuals who have lost their life between 2010-2012. Tricia does all of this full time, while balancing family time and a job as a dog trainer. For more information about AIR can be found at attitudesinreverse.org.
  • Jennifer Cantrell (Michigan, USA) provides support to families that go through the hardest moments of their lives. For many years she was a single mom of 3 after separating from her abusive husband at the time and she showed that it is possible to raise children as a single mom and do what is best for your children. Two years ago she became a certified bereavement doula and more recently, a midwife of thanatology. She helps and supports families in the Muskegon, Michigan area who are going through perinatal loss of any sort, such as miscarriage, stillborn, or fatal diagnosis. She provides each family with in person support either bedside at the hospital or at home. Jennifer provides her local area hospitals with blankets, hats, burial gowns, small items, sibling bags and things that will help create memories for each family at the time when hello is shortly followed by goodbye. She is available to families 24/7 for in person or phone support as needed. In addition to her local work, Jennifer runs and maintains a variety of support groups online for both loss moms and military spouses.
  • Anna Maria Brzezowska (London, England) helps anyone in need. If something’s wrong at work, she automatically calls and arranges anything; she picks up litter even when she doesn’t have time; she has helped over one million people with their bank accounts, shopping, and even furniture moving. Anna never says no. Once, her daughter was scared while learning a subject at school, but super mom Anna stepped in and explained everything to her daughter and friends. She is a role model because she learns from her mistakes. She works 10 hours a day sometimes even more to provide money for her family. When one of Anna’s friends became really sick and went to hospital, the children of Anna’s friend were meant to go to childcare but Anna stepped in and used nearly all her money to look after those children as well as her own for over 3 months. Clearly, Anna is super mom material.
  • Angela Bogan (Georgia, USA) always volunteers at different community events. She is very active in her church and she never wants the recognition she simply wants to help others. She never gave up through every adversity she faced – she kept her faith and pushed forward. Her compassion and love for others is the perfect demonstration of what it means to love thy neighbor. Her daughter has witnessed her mother perform CPR on a man that passed out in the grocery store. Angela is a nurse and she wears it as a badge of honor that she is always on call. She loves helping others and has volunteered at many community events that provided free healthcare for those in need.
  • Abi Foy (Georgia, USA) organized a summer feeding program, allowing the children on her property to have enrichment workshops while their parents were at work. She supports residents who lose employment by finding job fairs, openings and providing a resume workshop. Recently, she has been involved in community work with her company at Atlanta Mission, My Sister’s House, a women and children’s shelter. In the coming months, she will be raising money by doing a sponsored walk to raise money for Breast Cancer. Education is a high priority and while running around performing tasks for her family, Abi always makes sure that her girls are having a learning experience, whether spelling in the car or singing in the bath. Having a voice within her community has meant that Abi has been able to make the residents aware of the GC4W Working Mom Business Expo, as she encouraged others to participate. Abi recognizes that it is not only her personal growth that matters, but also that of the women around her. Being a Community Engagement Coordinator for an Atlanta Community, her main focus is engaging the residents with resources and programs to enrich the quality of their life. Abi’s job often requires long hours that can take away from her children. Despite how demanding her job is, she always makes quality time for her little girls and strongly encourages the importance of education.
  • Shraddha Mokashi (Maharashtra, India) is praised for her awareness, ability to be versatile, and accomplishments in changing lives.

Written by Caitlyn Lubas, GC4W Coordinator

GC4W, Lilian O. Ajayi to speak at the 2016 Spring Meetings of the IMF and World Bank Group in Washington, DC

World Bank/ IMF 2016 Spring Meeting

World Bank/ IMF 2016 Spring Meetings

Each spring, thousands of government officials, journalists, civil society organizations, and participants from the academia and private sectors, gather in Washington DC for the Spring Meetings of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank Group.

At the heart of the gathering are meetings of the IMF’s International Monetary and Financial Committee and the joint World Bank-IMF Development Committee, which discuss progress on the work of the IMF and the World Bank Group. Also featured are seminars, regional briefings, press conferences, and many other events focused on the global economy, international development, and the world’s financial markets.

This year’s Spring Meetings events will take place in Washington, DC, April 12-17, 2016. The plenary session of the IMF and World Bank Group’s Boards of Governors is scheduled only during the Annual Meetings in autumn. In addition, Lilian O. Ajayi – Founder and Executive Director of GC4W joins the list of distinguished speakers at the upcoming 2016 Spring Meetings of the IMF and World Bank Group in Washington, DC.


Panel: The Human Rights Status of Women and Girls in Africa and the Rest of the World.

This panel is a discussion on post 2015 Sustainable Development Agenda and its impact on the human rights of Women and Girls in order to achieve Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women and Girls.

In 1948, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights brought human rights into the realm of international law. Since then, the Organization has diligently protected human rights through legal instruments and on-the-ground activities. The term “human rights” was mentioned seven times in the UN’s founding Charter, making the promotion and protection of human rights one of the key purpose and guiding principles of the Sustainable Development Goals. If we are to create a world where all women and girls can fully exercise their freedom to choose their religion, exercise the rights to an education, where women earn equal wages compared to their male counterpart – and a time women and girls are free from violence. We must turn our focus to the human rights status of women and girls in Africa and the Rest of World.

The goal is to provide a live platform that will encourage discussions on sustainable solutions to existing human rights challenges and facilitate knowledge sharing to the remaining threats of the rights of Women and Girls.

Sponsors: Naija Worldwide Charities (NWC), Global Women Africa Network (GLOW) and Global Connections for Women Foundation (GC4W)

Guest Speakers:

  • Leslie E. Vélez, Senior Protection Officer THE UN Refugee Agency
  • Dr. Vincenzo Bollettino, Executive Director, Harvard Humanitarian Initiative
  • Lilian O. Ajayi, Founder & Executive Director of Global Connections for Women Foundation (GC4W)
  • Jacqueline Bhabha, Director, University Committee on Human Rights Studies & Director of Research, FXB Center for Health and Human Rights

Learn more and register to attend on https://www.imf.org/external/spring/2016/index.htm.

#NigeriaSummit: The Nigeria Summit hosted by The Economist

The Nigeria Summit_The Economist_GC4W

The Nigeria Summit_The Economist_GC4W


Over the years, The Economist Events’ Nigeria Summit has charted a country in the process of great transition. The year 2015 was particularly significant with the country making history in its presidential elections and experiencing its first democratic power transfer. Nine months on from President Buhari taking office, The 2016 Nigeria Summit will bring key government ministries, industry and business leaders as well as representatives of Nigerian civil society; together with international investors, economists and academics to discuss and debate what the future holds for Nigeria. Join the conversation @EconomistEvents #NigeriaSummit.

Now in its 11th year, our Nigeria Summit is part of our successful high-growth markets series. It has become one of the leading events in Africa where business, government and ideas people meet.

Chaired by a senior Editor from The Economist, the summit will explore the economic and social progress made to date and take an in-depth look at what the future will hold for Africa’s biggest economy.

Previous keynote speakers have included: HE Goodluck Jonathan,President, Federal Republic of Nigeria; Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala,Finance and Coordinating Minister of the Economy, Federal Republic of Nigeria; Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, former President of Brazil;Hakeem Belo-Osagie, Chairman, Etisalat; Zhong Jianhua, Special Representative of the Chinese Government for African Affairs and many more…

The content is crafted by our editors, with input from country and regional experts at both the newspaper and the Economist Intelligence Unit. And like the newspaper our events offer independent and authoritative insight and opinion on the issues that affect global business. This is the physical manifestation of The Economist.

We have access to some of the most influential decision-makers in government and business across the globe. Our programme will offer a unique perspective on Nigeria following the April 2015 elections.

Speakers & Agenda

View the full agenda or Download programmeapplication/pdf icon


Venue: InterContinental Lagos

InterContinental Lagos

As the world’s first international luxury hotel brand, InterContinental Hotels & Resorts has been pioneering travel across the globe for nearly 70 years. We’re proud to share both international know-how and local cultural wisdom with our guests at every one of our hotels — from historic buildings to city landmarks and immersive resorts.

Address: InterContinental Lagos
Kofo Abayomi Street – Plot 52
Victoria Island, 100001, Lagos

Learn more about the Fees and registration here.

To request an invoice, please download the registration form

Scan and Email the form to emeaaevents@economist.com or fax +44 (0) 207 576 8472

Lilian O. Ajayi named “Philanthropist of the Year” by YGB Entrepreneurial Awards

Lilian Ajayi_YGB Award


2016 Young, Gifted & Black YGB Entrepreneurial Awards

*New York, New York— (Thursday, January 21st, 2016) The Young, Gifted & Black Entrepreneurial Awards was launched in 2006, in honor of Black History Month. The YGB Entrepreneurial awards program is a simple measure of giving recognition, highlighting and showing appreciation toward his/her peers*. Mr. Carl O. Gray, founder of the YGB Entrepreneurial Awards, states, “This program has a simple mission which is to bring light to those individuals who exemplifies an entrepreneurial spirit. Our honorees all have significant backgrounds which highlight their journey towards the *Continued Pursuit of Success* that allows our organization to create a platform to motivate and empower others to believe in themselves in order to reach their goals.”

It was initially created to bring exposure to people who represent positive role models to their peers and provide an opportunity for others to be inspired and motivated. In February 2016, the YGB Entrepreneurial Awards celebrates its 11th year anniversary. Each year creates a different milestone with the fascinated honorees and the talent they possess.

The list of 2016 Honorees include:

  • Lilian O. Ajayi “Philanthropist of the Year Award” [Founder and Executive Global Connections for Women]
  • Alicia Ashley “Sports, Health & Boxer Award” [WBC Women’s Junior Fitness Award Featherweight Champion]
  • Amy Theard “Nina Simone Artistic Excellence Award”  [Artist / Painter]
  • Brian Cunningham “Political Advocacy Award” [Community Leader]
  • David Germain “Business Management & Leadership Award” [Realtor Rapid Realty Kensington]
  • Dr. Noel Anderson “Empowerment Award” [Educational Leadership  Clinical Educational Professor/Director of New York University’s Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development]
  • Giselle Modeste ‘Cosmetology Award’  [Science & Beauty Management Owner ALTEREGO by GM Inc.]
  • Janell Hazelwood “Journalism & Media Management Award” [Chief Content Curator The Boss Moves]
  • Kymsha Henry and Claire Simon “Civic Leadership & Community Service Co-Founders Award” [Young Women of Color Health Advocacy Coalition (YWCHAC)]
  • Lola Ogunnaike “Woman In Business Award” [Journalist Arise News]
  • Margaret Persaud “Fashion Designer of the Year Award” [Owner GAMAKACHE BLACK]
  • Selwyn Collins “Innovation & Entrepreneurship Award” [Author, WebTV Talk Show Host, and Entrepreneur SELCO2000 Web Solutions; CWS (Conversations With Selwyn)]

Video Announcement: 2016 Young, Gifted & Black YGB Entrepreneurial Awards



DATE: Wednesday, February 24, 2016

TIME: 6:00PM – 11:00PM

LOCATION: 26 Bridge Street

D.U.M.B.O. Brooklyn, NY 11201

Tickets: www.ygbawards.com



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About YGB: Founded in 2006 by Carl O. Gray, President and CEO, The NetLinkz Group, Inc., and Founder of Unified Network of Business Professionals, in honor of Black History Month, The Young, Gifted & Black Entrepreneurial Awards is designed for peer-to-peer acknowledgement for their Talent, Ambition and Achievements toward the “Continued Pursuit of Success.”


#HBSABC2016: Africa Business Conference at Harvard Business School

18th Annual Africa


18th Annual Africa

The 18th Annual Africa Business Conference at Harvard Business School is one of the most anticipated conference in the Cambridge, Massachusetts. The theme of the upcoming Harvard Business School “African Business Conference” is Innovate.  Disrupt:  Homegrown models for Africa’s prosperity” as it provides ample opportunity to celebrate and promote awareness of existing innovative solutions that have been deployed in Africa. This is also a great opportunity for the participants to start identifying and exploring more innovative solutions to overcome challenges faced in Africa.

This year’s speakers include in the following: 

  CLAYTON CHRISTENSEN Kim B. Clark Professor of Business Administration at the Harvard Business School. One of the world's top experts on innovation and growth.

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