The Dance Movie Project (TDMP) Africa’s First Afrobeats Motion Picture premieres this Saturday (7.23.16), at the famous Helen Mills Theatre in New York. The Global Connections for Women Foundation, Nestle and The Dance Movie Project unite in amplifying the voices of women in the fight against Diabetes.

Africa’s 1st Afrobeats Dance Movie, The Dance Movie Project (TDMP), the Most Anticipated Dance Movie of the Year.

Eventbrite - The Dance Movie Project (#TDMP) - Official NYC Movie Premiere


GC4W, Nestle and The Dance Movie Project unite in amplifying the voices of women in the fight against Diabetes to increase their participation, and provide them with a platform to address the surrounding nutritional conditions.

In 2013, 72 million people lived with diabetes, and an estimate of 75 million people (20-79 years) are living with diabetes,but do not know it. The stats also show that it affects more women than men, and takes more lives than HIV/AIDS – especially in the Continent of Africa.  According the International Diabetes Federation in the document “Calling the world to Diabetes post 2015” – “The absence of diabetes and NCDs was a major shortcoming of the Millennium Development Goals. The time has come to make development goals reflect the changing global burden of disease. Diabetes is caused by and contributes to poverty and inequality and poses a threat to development.” 

The Dance Movie Project (TDMP) is a film that showcases two homegrown styles known Afrobeats and Hip hop – and follows the journey of two young brothers who despite the disapproval of their single mother continue to chase their passion for dance in Lagos, Nigeria. The lives of the two brothers took an unexpected turn for the worst when their ailing mother was diagnose with diabetes.

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The brothers alongside their dance crew endeavor to compete in a national dance competition in hopes to win the grand prize — in time to save their mother who fell into a diabetic coma, after her diagnosis.

Alexander Lexx Ore“I wanted to create an attention-grabbing story that shows the world what’s going on in Africa, particularly in countries like Nigeria where the prevalence of diabetes is on the rise” said, Alexander Ore, TDMP Writer and Executive Producer. “I also wanted to create a motion picture that would stimulate dialogue around the dance talents of African youths, particularly in ways that will exceed people’s preconceived notions about Africa. When moviegoers get to see TDMP, they will experience the world’s first Afrobeat dance film” he continues. 

The Global Connections for Women Foundation’s programs and initiatives impacts the lives of 3.5 Million people worldwide.

lilian ajayi gc4w csw59We are proud to join forces with NestléThe Dance Movie Project and other partners in creating a much-needed awareness and amplifying the need for women to participate in addressing treatments and the issues that surrounds pre-diabetic and diabetes disease” said Lilian Ajayi, Founder and Executive Director of the Global Connections for Women Foundation (GC4W).  

With the new partnerships, the Global Connections for Women Foundation is also making a new globun-sdgs-gc4wal commitment to enriching the lives of 10 Million Women and Youth in support of Goal 3: Promote Good Health and Well-Being, and Goal 5: Promote Gender Equality & Women Empowerment of the new United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The UN Sustainable Development Goals and targets will come into effect on 1st of January 2016, and will guide the  decisions the UN Member States take — over the next fifteen years.

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“Working in a key partnership with the TMDP Movie and GC4W, is a starting point to buildwareness and education surrounding diabetes. The movie addresses the issue of metabolic diseases (in this case Diabetes) and the need to change nutrition and health behaviors to control this epidemic” said Nestlé Nutrition Senior Executive. The movie, The Dance Movie Project (TDMP) is rooted in national society anchors, like family, economic constrains and music key pillars for behavior change in youth, families and communities.

Nestlé has grown from a company founded nearly 150 years ago on the success of a life-saving infant cereal to a global leader in Nutrition, Health and Well-ness. Our growth has enabled us to help improve the lives of millions of people – through the products and services we provide and through employment, our supplier networks and the contribution we make to economies around the world. 4.1 million families earn a living because of Nestlé, including many rural small- holders in developing countries. “Finding better ways to collaborate and secure collective action is key to addressing society’s most critical challenges and maximizing the shared value we can create.Our commitments to environmental and social sustainability ensure we can continue to be part of the long-term solution,” Nestlé. 

The program is meant to empower women in areas of Health Care, Nutrition, Diabetes Prevention. 

The goal of this Nutrition & Entrepreneurship program is to:

  • Increase the participation of women in the fight against diabetes.
  • Increase the awareness of Health and Nutrition options.
  • Increase access to products that improve and serve as a preventive measure.

We thrilled to continue to strengthen the voices of women and the participation of women in the fight against diabetes, and we look forward to sharing more information about this program.

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