“Leadership requires having a good head on your shoulders, knowing how to bring out the best in others, and being open to new ideas.” ~ Sonia Gardner, Cofounder and President of Avenue Capital

Summary: Sonia is co-founder and president of investment firm Avenue Capital. Gardner founded the company with her brother Marc Lasry in 1995 and run it with him for more than three decades. She is a trustee of Mount Sinai Health System and is global chair of 100 Women in Finance, previously known as 100 Women in Hedge Funds. Gardner was previously on the board of the non-profit organization “Her Justice,” which helps victims of domestic violence.She was also on the Board of Directors of the Managed Funds Association (MFA) and its Executive Committee.

Nationality: Moroccan

Industry: Finance

Q: What advice do you have for aspiring entrepreneurs? on entrepreneur.wiki

A: Find what you are good at and build from there. With this, it is important to recognize what others can bring to the table and how this may better serve you.