“My goal is to cover technology sans the jargon and make tech more accessible to people who find the mainstream media’s coverage too confusing or overwhelming.” ~ Jessica Naziri, Creator of Tech Sesh

Summary: Jessica Naziri, a digital lifestyle host and tech blogger, is the founder of TechSesh.co. Whether you’re looking for ways to improve your relationship with gadgets, or just live more stylishly with technology, she is here to help. As Naziri states herself, “I’m obsessive about learning and teaching, minus the jargon. With TechSesh.co I aim to empower, educate and create entertaining content for the modern woman. I want to set the stage for women to learn python, create start their own start-up, or even just learn that cookies are not only a baked good.”

Nationality: American

Industry: Technology & Entrepreneurship

Q: What can you find on TechSesh and who is your target audience? on techsesh.com

A: You will find all things chic, all things geek, and everything in-between. Whether you are new to tech and want to learn more or a tech-pro, it is the perfect place for you to get all your tech-knowledge!

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