“It’s important to establish a development program so people can grow into the position they aspire to.” ~ Peggy Cherng, CEO of Chinese fastfood Chain Panda Express

Summary: Peggy is co-CEO of the $2.8 billion Chinese fast food chain Panda Express, which has nearly 2,000 locations. In 1983, she left her engineering career to help husband Andrew open Panda’s first location in the second largest mall in Los Angeles. That same year, she built the company’s systems to streamline operations and track customer feedback. In March 2017 the Cherng’s donated $30 million to Caltech’s medical engineering department.

Nationality: Burmese

Industry: Food Management

Q: What is your management plan built on? on time.com

A: It’s built on reaching a single goal in the next five years: to be recognized as a world leader in people development.