“This is what God destined for me to do.” ~ Chief Temitope Ajayi, Chairman/CEO Silicon Valley -Nigeria Economic Develpoment Inc. (SV-NED Inc.) & Honorable Chair of GC4W

Summary: Chief Amina Temitope Labinjo-Ajayi is an Ambassador of Goodwill for the State of Arkansas and Maryland USA. A distinguish delegate at the past 2014 National Conference in Nigeria representing the National Council of Women Societies in Nigeria. Chief Temitope Ajayi is committed to her dream of exposing underprivileged families to farming, in order to combat unemployment and to eliminate poverty under United Nation Millennium Development Goals – Food Security Poverty Eradication. “I have dedicated 25 years of my life to this mission, and would not trade the fulfillment I derives from empowering Nigerian farmers for anything in the world.”

In the recent years, Chief Ajayi launched the Silicon Valley-Nigeria Economic Development Inc. (SV-NED Inc.), a company to establish to reinforce a strategic bilateral economic relastionship between Silicon Valley and Nigeria, creating opportunities for Nigeria and tech companies in Nigeria to do business with companies abroad, especially in the information Technology, Agricultural and Financial Services sectors. SV-NED Inc. is dedicated to creating a bridge between Technology Hub in Silicon Valley – San Jose CA, and Nigeria, serving as an Incubator for Entrepreneurs and Startups. Lastly, Chief Ajayi is the Honorable Chair at the Global Connections for Women Foundation (GC4W), an approved US non-profit organization that believes in all women and youth and their right to create new opportunities for themselves and their communities.

Nationality: Nigerian

Industry: Politics & Society

Q: What is really unique about establishing the commission for Nigerians in the Diaspora? Will it bring in foreign exchange and jobs for Nigerians? on Vanguardngr.com

A: The commission is going to attract some of the most coveted multi-national investors to Nigeria within a very short time. The commission is going to serve as an eye-opener to those who have been waiting on the wings to see if they can come into the country and invest. It is going to allay all the fears that successful Nigerian and foreign investors have been nursing over the years and open the doors to a flurry of opportunity for Nigerians. By so doing, development that has been eluding Nigeria will come with jet speed if the Government will allow us in Diaspora to pilot the affairs of the commission un-inhibited.