“I am very proud that this is the future of India. Several of them came from non-metros but the breadth of experience that they have got is very impressive. The calibre of youth we have is superior to our generation’s. What we need to do is harness their potential.” ~ Kalpana Morparia, CEO of JP Morgan India

Summary: Kalpana Morparia is the Chief Executive Officer of JP Morgan India, the Indian extension of a 2.1 trillion dollar American company. Formerly an Indian banker who was associated with ICICI Bank for thirty three years, Kalpana also serves as an independent Director on the Boards of several leading Indian companies. A graduate in law from Bombay University, Morparia has served on several committees constituted by the Government of India. Morparia is also the independent Director of Dr. Reddy’s Lab, Bennet & Colman, CMC Limited of Tata Consultancy. She looks after the philanthropic work of Bharati Foundation run by Sunil Mittal of Airtel. It is engaged with construction of schools in states like Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu and adopts neglected schools. She is ranked by Fortune magazine as one of the fifty most powerful women in international business.

Nationality: Indian

Company: JP Morgan India

Q: What are the main concerns for the Indian market? on business-standard.com

A: The only concern is inflation. I am not much concerned about the valuation because that is in relation to the growth. While it might appear expensive on trailing numbers, factoring a 15-20 per cent industry growth will completely change the scenario. So, the challenge for India will be inflation. India is one of those unique countries that has a huge propeller on the investment side and a huge propelling force on the consumption side. Since we have such a great compulsion for investing, our consumption of commodities is going to be that much higher.