“Success to me personally comes when you have done something for someone, who can never repay you” – Anja R. Loven.

When the world met Anja Ringgren Loven, we were stunned by her actions and inspired by the generosity of her love. I eagerly wanted to share an inspiring story about Anja Ringgren Loven, a Danish woman living in Africa. Anja R. Loven is the co-founder at African Children’s Aid Education and Development Foundation and the Founder and Director at DINNødhjælp – deres overlevelse.

At first, I was unaware of who Anja R. Loven was — until I saw the photos below, which I noticed on Weibo, a Chinese microblogging website. The first picture captures Anja giving food and water to a skinny, starving, and, probably we can say, dying little boy. The second pictures shows people the same woman and the same boy years after. Anja is Anja, but that skinny boy looks happier and healthier.

According to the Huffington Post, Anja received a phone call about a two to three-year-old boy who had been abandoned by his family, because of a superstition. “A child that young cannot survive a long time alone on the streets. We immediately prepared a rescue mission” said Anja R. Loven.

Similarly, it is difficult to comprehend how a child of his age would have survived with Anja’s help.

Even though they can painfully make themselves alive, they are simply surviving, and not living. This situation is not fair to those kids. If no one helps them, they will easily die without any doubt. No one deserves born to be like this. A kid is supposed to have a family and being taken care of, not abandoned. However, Ms. Loven has donated herself into solving these kids. Anja later named the boy in the photo, Hope. From news and Anja’s Facebook, we can tell that Hope is doing excellently well. He is very happy and healthy, and more importantly, he has the chance and getting ready to start school. This is truly amazing.

Love knows no Boundaries…

Our world is developing rapidly, and people’s living standard is getting higher and higher to an unprecedented extent. However, there are still plenty of people and children, they are bearing with starvation, poverty and diseases. We definitely need a generation of people like Anja Loven to inspire us, to lead us through her example on how to do more good in the world, and for us to learn how to commitment to measures to help people in need.

To me, fortune is not the only way to measure a person’s value.

My mind has been reset. This is, definitely, because of Anja R. Loven’s actions and contribution to Hope’s life. As a graduate student, I could not imagine finding the strength to do a charitable thing like Anja Loven did. But, because of her story, I am even more inspired to work harder, to equip myself, and to be successful — in order to be in a position where I can help others who are going to need my help in the future.



Written by: Lelin Sun

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