GE is offering a limited number of scholarships covering full tuition to deserving candidates for the Africa Industrial Internet Programme. The scholarships will be awarded to the most-deserving candidates on a first-come first-served basis. They strongly recommend that you submit your application early to stand a good chance of securing a scholarship.

ALU is a network of world-class tertiary education institutions whose mission is to produce 3 million young African leaders over the next 50 years. ALU’s first campus was inaugurated in September 2015 in Mauritius and is known as African Leadership College. It’s second campus was inaugurated in September 2017 in Kigali Heights, Rwanda. By leveraging peer-to-peer learning, advances in technology, employer partnerships, real-world project-based learning, and a focus on skills development, ALU projects to build 25 campuses across the continent, each hosting 10,000 students from all over Africa

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