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By NYU High School Academy

Getting ready for college while preparing for your professional future.

While there are many summer programs for high school students in NYC, the Career Edge NYU Summer High School Program affords students an exceptional college and career readiness experience. Career Edge is the premier summer college program, and has served thousands of high school students from around the world in exploring career paths and experiencing what it is like to live on the NYU campus and learn at a renowned US university. Unlike pre college programs, these courses do not offer college credit, but instead immerse you in a professional field while answering questions such as: What is college like? How can I prepare for college? What is a good career for me?

Students from around the world attend NYU summer programs, but only a college prep program like High School Academy provides the opportunity to explore both traditional and emerging career paths.

Projects and short assignments provide take-aways that prepare you for college classroom work, while demonstrating your newly acquired skills.

The Integrated Marketing class was very informative. The instructor was a real pro. Visits to digital agencies and marketing firms gave me an insider’s view of what it’s like to work in the field.”


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