Ever wonder if there are quick fixes to a low serotonin day? Here are top ten ways to get those “feel-good” hormones that will be sure to make any day brighter.

1. You can snuggle your way to a better mood.

When you cuddle, cozy up, or snag a good hug, your brain releases something called oxytocin. Known as the “love” and “cuddle” hormone, it can lower stress and make you feel closer to someone. No one around to hug? You can get a big mood boost by petting your dog or cat, too.

2. Your brain changes when you hear a good joke.

When you laugh, chemicals called endorphins flow through your brain. They not only lift your spirits, but they also help your body ward off illness and ease pain. So go ahead: Giggle your way to better health.

3. A brisk walk can help you get out of a funk.

Heard of runner’s high? People are happier and have more energy after pounding the pavement. You don’t need to log miles to get in better spirits, though. Any kind of regular exercise will help. When you run, swim, bike, or walk quickly, your brain releases endorphins, one of your body’s own happy drugs.

4. Social media triggers a hormone high.

It gives you a rush like a good workout or a long hug because it releases dopamine, your body’s “reward” hormone. That’s because the love you feel from social media affects the reward centers of your brain. Likes, shares, and retweets make us feel good — and make us want to keep sharing. That helps explain why we spend too much time on our phones.

Here’s the sweet truth about this favored treat: Chocolate not only tastes good, but it also can give your mood a boost. This may be because dark chocolate ups your endorphin levels. Limit yourself to two small squares of dark chocolate a day, though. Extra weight could be a buzzkill.

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