Empowerment is something every woman should experience.

We all admire those strong, powerful women we see on TV or even in our daily lives. But only certain women can do that right? No. You can feel more empowered too. It’s all in your mind and actions. Others will try to stop you, but the ones who matter will support you. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as feeling truly confident about who you are.

Do these things to feel more empowered and confident.

1. Exercise more. Exercise isn’t just about your physique. It’s about making yourself feel better physically and mentally. It’s easy to feel more empowered when you’re active. You feel like you’re accomplishing something. Plus, you melt away stress and negativity. You don’t have to join a gym, but find some form of exercise that’s fun and you’ll stick to it.

2. Stand up for yourself. This is probably the hardest thing on the list. After you’ve spent years keeping your opinions to yourself and keeping quiet when others talk about you, standing up for yourself isn’t easy. Besides, many women get called a b*tch for even trying. That’s okay because it just means they’re jealous or angry that you put them in their place. Stand up for yourself. You don’t have to take anyone’s crap.

3. Have dating standards. You should never settle for someone. If you don’t feel they’re good enough for you, don’t date them. You control your love life. Stop dating any and everyone just so you’re not alone. Remember you’re not defined by your relationship status. Have standards and stick to them.

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4. Take self defence courses. Every single woman should know how to defend herself. Hopefully, you’ll never have to use those skills, but it’s empowering just knowing that you can protect yourself better. Not to mention, you get to beat the hell out of people during class. It’s fun and empowering.

5. Say no to people. Ever feel like others run over you? It’s because you never say no. Stop doing everything for everyone. You just can’t do it. You need time for yourself and the things that matter to you. Tell others no when you can’t or don’t want to help out. It’s okay and gives you back control.

6. Try something new. I’ve always felt empowered when trying and mastering something new. Whether it’s a new recipe or taking on rock climbing, it doesn’t matter what you do. Empowerment comes from learning and gaining new skills. It proves to yourself that you are capable of anything.

7. Only be around people who treat you as an equal. We’ve all had people in our lives who treat us like inferior beings. You’re inferior to no one. Demand to be treated as an equal. If a person can’t do that, walk away. Those types of people aren’t worth your time. Surrounding yourself with those who treat you as an equal will help ensure you feel empowered all the time.

8. Accept that you are beautiful, no matter what. Appearance holds many women back from empowerment. Looks aren’t everything. Stop caring about what others say or think. You are beautiful. Look in the mirror until you see yourself as the beautiful woman you really are. Self-acceptance is key to becoming one of those strong women you admire.

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9. Work towards success. Having goals keeps you focused. Ask the most empowered women about their goals. They’ll likely have a list and can tell you exactly what they plan to do to be successful. Set goals both large and small. Achieving your goals instantly makes you feel better about yourself.

10. Take care of yourself. Making yourself a priority is important. Make time to take care of yourself. Get enough sleep, eat well, exercise and do things you love. The more you take care of you, the more empowered you’ll feel. After all, you have to take care of yourself before you can effectively take care of others.

11. Think positive thoughts. Negative thoughts can destroy even the strongest woman. It might seem impossible sometimes, but learn to recognize negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones. You really are your best cheerleader if you choose to be. You might not always get support from others. You have to keep your thoughts positive so you always have support from yourself.

12. Respect yourself. Most importantly, empowerment means respecting yourself. You will get run over in life if you don’t. Accept who you are. Respect yourself, flaws and all. The more you respect yourself, the more others will respect you too. Self-respect also helps you make better life decisions and it’s easier to stand up for yourself.

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