Hello to my LinkedIn Network. Over the years I have read great stories from many of you making the courageous decision to leave your successful positions to start your own businesses. It is your leadership and belief in your product that has inspired me and given me the confidence to take the leap and do the same.

I have spent my professional life as a creative working in leading advertising agencies around the globe. What I discovered on my journey was that there is always a ‘US” and ‘THEM’ mentality when it comes to the most important position in our organization – the client.

The client is seeking a Sales/Profit/Market share ROI, while the agency approaches with a dubious focus on Industry Awards and a self-congratulatory framework. This divide remains a constant which interferes with having great client/agency relationships and effectiveness.

During my +25 years working for the agency, I can’t recall hearing the collective ‘We’ or ‘Together’ when it came to the client and it is this industry focus that I have set out to change.

My belief in this creative approach was put into practice three years ago when approached to build an in-house creative department for an ASX listed company and category leader. My role as Creative Director was primary in driving successive years of profit and market share growth without ever compromising on the creative product. The in-house agency model I introduced streamlined the creative process and reduced the final approval to a fraction of the agency process.

What I found, is the only way to achieve celebrated creative work with superior sales growth is through relationships. My belief is to build these relationships with the people inside your business and understand everyone’s needs and objectives.

I understand that for people to believe in you, you need trust and the best way you can achieve this is from the inside out – not the outside in. This collaborative approach shines through to the brand and our consumer.

This is why I have developed a creative agency that comes in-house to shift the dynamic from ‘working for you’ to ‘working with you’,

We can offer you the full service that an advertising agency offers, only a lot more hands-on with your stakeholders.

Thank you for helping me believe in myself and chasing my dreams.

To learn about Nicola Foster’s company visit theinhouseagency.com.au.