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Personal Branding

Thinking of branding your product through social media and want to know where to start? What does “branding your product through social media” actually mean? In terms of marketing, it may mean the difference between you working for a job you love or just working somewhere you have to. 

Think of a personal branding as a self-portrait, it is an image carefully crafted to represent you, your product and tell your story. It is who you are right now and it may change over time, but it is how you see yourself today: your product in terms of your “brand.” A brand gives your product meaning and identity and helps people to connect with it. People understand and remember stories, so why not to tell your story, and make it unique and memorable.

Take that to the next step! Create awareness of your product through social media. Because social media is now an undeniable part of our lives. It goes without saying, that it’s crucial to have a developed social media brand if you are an entrepreneur. It is one of the most important channels for developing your business. It is the future of marketing, and your selected and established brand is the vehicle for navigating the web of social media successfully! 

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We all know that social media is measured in followers, and there are many ways to gain popularity, or even notoriety, but we are talking about a product or a business. Think of everyone as a potential customer. Do you want to appear inconsistent or unprepared? Of course not, and that is the same for marketing through Social Media. Attention to detail and consistency of purpose are needed to cultivate the successful personal brand. My advice is that you have to know yourself very well before you even start building a personal brand. Believe it or not, but it will help you to be consistent.

You want to be authentic and share your story. If the brand you are building speaks to quality and to social awareness, people will follow. Surround yourself with mentors and successful people.  Don’t be scared to reach out and ask for advice. You will be surprised how many people are willing to help. People love giving advice. 

You need to start at the beginning, at the creation of the brand and of customer #1. But once you have accomplished those monumental achievements, the vehicle will keep going. And a beautiful thing is that where you want to take that vehicle – is up to you, because you are a brand.

Growth and evolution of a business follow when success is realized, even on a small scale. Again, that careful attention to detail comes into play. Many people will be willing to help, including those on social media, as long as you stay true to your product and to yourself.

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Some people still undervalue the influence of social media and personal branding. I’ve heard people saying that they are shy or don’t want to be in a public eye. However, if you and your product want to be taken seriously there’s no other choice.

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