Finance pro: How this one simple yet little-known method with save you thousands in 2023 – and tackle all your money goals with ease

By Sophie Haslett

A young finance expert has shared the one plan you need to follow to set and achieve your goals in 2023.

The Australian founder and CEO of Smart Women Society Téa Angelos, 25, said if you struggle with New Year’s resolutions, the easiest way to fix this is by writing down ‘specific, measurable and achievable’ aims on a piece of paper in four different categories.

The four categories to include are money, career, well-being and love.

‘If you’re struggling to set goals for 2023, then try this,’ Téa said in a new TikTok video.

‘Grab a notebook and some pens and divide the page into these four categories: money career, well-being and love.’ 

She added: ‘Under each section, write down two to three goals that are specific, measurable and achievable.’

Good ideas to include in each section are saving, investing, budgeting, paying off debt and buying a house in the money section.

You could also write down get a new job, promotion, side hustle and grow a business in the career section, or regular exercise, healthy diet, journalling, affirmations and gratitude in the well-being section.

Finally, in love you could list improve your relationships and self-love in order to make sure you stick to your goals in 2023.

‘There you have it, broken down, your 2023 goals,’ Téa said.

Thousands who saw the simple video were quick to say they would ‘definitely be trying it’.

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‘This is awesome, I just did mine,’ one person wrote.

‘I love this, thanks so much,’ another added.

In another video, Téa revealed how you can best ‘transform’ your finances in 2023 with the help of the Smart Women Society Wealth Building Dashboard budgeting tool.

‘Start by creating a monthly budget, and then keep track of your daily spending,’ she said.

Once you’ve done this, input it into the Smart Women Society dashboard and the dashboard will ‘automatically create pretty graphs and visualisations so you can easily track your income, expenses and see the progress towards your goals’.

Téa said having things written down is key to financial success.

Previously, the young financial whizz shared her simple strategy for saving $5,000, $10,000 or $20,000 in as little as three months.

She said the easiest way to reach a savings goal is to ‘break the goal down’ and work out exactly how much you need to put away each day, week or month in order to reach your end result fast. 

She said: ‘Let’s say you want to save $20,000.

‘If you want to do it in three months, you’ll need to save $219.20 per day. If you want to do it in six months, you’ll need to save $109.60 per day. If you want to do it in 12 months, save $54.80 per day.’

The key, Téa added, is that you must create a separate savings account, where you ‘automate daily transfers into it’.

That way, the money is going out of your account before you’ve even had a chance to think about it.

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If you have a $10,000 goal and don’t like the idea of automated transfers every single day, Téa said you can also do weekly bank transfers.

‘If you want to save $10,000 in three months, then you need to save $770 per week,’ she said.

‘If you want to do it in six months, you need to save $385 each week.’

Finally, the 25-year-old said if you want to take the entire of 2023 to meet your $10,000 goal, you need to put away just $193 each week.

If you prefer to save your goal in months, then simply divide your financial goal by the amount of months.

When it comes to budgeting for success, Téa recommends the 50/30/20 approach.

This means that 50 per cent of your budget goes to needs, like your rent or mortgage, groceries, transport and bills.

The next 30 per cent goes to your ‘wants’.

‘Wants’ encompasses everything from dinner out to a Netflix subscription, new clothes and other items.

Finally, the remaining 20 per cent needs to go to your savings and investments, and if you make sure this happens or even put more in, you’re likely to get rich faster.



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