If you’re an entrepreneur, raising capital is a big part of your job.

Because small business grants provide resources for entrepreneurs, they’re in high demand, as you might expect. Small business grants for women are actually few and far between, and the ones that do exist can be quite competitive. But if you know where to look and understand the benefits available, you’ll be better equipped to earn the funding you’re looking for.

Here’s a comprehensive guide on the top small business grants available for women, plus information on how to apply.

1. Grants.go

What it is: A database of federally sponsored grants, including grants for small businesses.

How to apply: Visit the official government grants website, Grants.gov, and check out their section on grant applicants to see if you are eligible.

Potential benefits: Benefits vary across the different types of grants.

2. InnovateHER Challenge

What it is: A competition open to businesses that offer products that positively impact the lives of women and families.

How to apply: First compete in a local InnovateHER challenge before advancing to the national competition.

Potential benefits: The top three winners in past years have competed for prizes of $40,000, $20,000, and $10,000.

To learn more about this opportunity, contact WomenBusiness@SBA.gov.

3. Eileen Fisher Women-Owned Business Grant Program

What it is: Small business grants for women-owned businesses making positive social and environmental impact.

How to apply: Complete the application here.

Potential benefits: A maximum of $10,000 per recipient for 10 women-owned businesses each year.

4. Amber Grant

What it is: A small business grant for women business owners created in honor of a young woman who died before she could fulfill her entrepreneurial dreams.

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How to apply: Tell your story and pay a $15 application fee.

Potential benefits: The program awards one $1,000 grant to a woman business owner each month. One winner will also be awarded an additional $10,000 at the end of the year.

5. IdeaCafe Grant

What it is: Small business grant available for anyone who owns their own business or plans to start one.

How to apply: Fill out the application here.

Potential benefits: $1,000 grants for small business owners.6

6. #GIRLBOSS Foundation Grant

What it is: A biannual grant for female entrepreneurs working in creative industries.

How to apply: Fill out the application here and include an example of your work.

Potential benefits: A $15,000 grant and online exposure via Girlboss’ site.

7. Cartier Women’s Initiative Award

What it is: A grant awarded to 18 female entrepreneurs around the globe each year.

How to apply: Follow the application instructions here.

Potential benefits: All 18 finalists will receive either a first prize of $100,000 and one-on-one mentoring or a second prize of $30,000 in prize money.

8. GrantsforWomen.org

What it is: Database of opportunities for women across industries.

How to apply: Use the database to identify relevant opportunities and follow their application instructions.

Potential benefits: Benefits vary with each opportunity.

9. FedEx Small Business Grant

What it is: Business grants for small businesses.

How to apply: Follow the application rules here.

Potential benefits: Ten winners will receive grants for their businesses and FedEx printing and business services.

10. The Halstead Grant

What it is: Small business grant for women entrepreneurs in the jewelry industry.

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How to apply: Submit a portfolio and answer a series of questions outlining a business plan.

Potential benefits: A cash grant of $7,500 plus $1,000 toward Halstead jewelry supplies.

11. Open Meadows Foundation

What it is: An organization that provides grants towards women-backed projects that promote gender, racial, and economic justice

How to apply: Follow the instructions found here.

Potential benefits: The organization provides $2,000 to eligible projects that have limited access to financial resources.


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