Even though you probably want to cuddle under a blanket all day, the cold weather has benefits. 

Winter; you either love it or hate it. As beautiful as freshly fallen snow is, winter also means that everyone is always sick, being that is is flu season. Although winter for many may feel like a drag, the cold weather actually has many health benefits. 
1. Better Sleep 
 Sleeping in a colder room promotes more restful nights of sleep. Since our bodies naturally drop in temperature when we sleep, sleeping in a warmer room can be more uncomfortable. If you have trouble sleeping, try making the room a little cooler. Additionally, a cooling pillow may be beneficial for those who suffer from insomnia, hot flashes, or night sweats. The pillow can draw heat away from your body, reducing the temperature of your bed, helping you stay cool and get a good night of sleep
2. Beauty Benefits
 We typically associate the cold weather to drying out our skin, but our skin does benefit from cooler temperatures. The cold increases blood circulation which reduces puffiness and swelling along with giving you that “Wholesome” look of clear, bright eyes and rosy cheeks. The cold also tightens the pores of your face and can give you that “refreshed” look. This does not mean that the cold weather cannot wreak havoc on your face (frostbite, etc.). Always make sure to protect yourself from the cold.
3. Mood and Behavior
 Researchers in Poland found a correlation between stress levels and temperature. They found that the stress hormone, cortisol, lower during the winter and rises during the summer. The winter though can bring on the blues, but exercising can reverse that. Experts say that exercising outdoors in the winter can increase endorphins, the feel-good hormones, as your body tries to stay warm, making you naturally feel great
4. A Break from Pollen
 Allergy sufferers, this is good news for you! The cold weather means that pollen counts are low. This is really only for people that suffer from seasonal allergies. If you suffer from other allergens like dust or mold, this has no effect on you. 
5. Burning Fat
 The brown fat that your body burns to generate energy is triggered by the cold. Your body actually burns more calories trying to stay warm than it does trying to stay cool. Exercising in the cold can kickstart your efforts to lose body fat. 
Whether you prefer the warm sunshine of the summer or the fresh snowfall of the winter, each season has something special to offer

Source: Farmer’s Almanac

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