The Portland-based company treats skin with probiotics, fermented antioxidants, uses clean natural ingredients, and above all is TSA friendly.

Sally Kim spent her life in a beautiful, nature-oriented city like Portland, Oregon. Stepping outside and having the sun glowing in your face is quite a wonderful feeling, but can leave your skin dry, irritated, or burnt.
Kim is the founder of, “We Are Wild” skincare is a K-beauty inspired “recreation skin care” line that makes products ideal for both form and formulation. By form, they mean that their cleanser, toner, and moisturizer are not available in a traditional liquid form, rather it comes in a stick. Every product comes in a stick form for rubbing directly onto your face. By formulation, the brand means that their products use probiotics and fermentation to protect, restore, and revive outdoor-exposed skin efficiently and safely. The sticks are convenient to carry in any bag and are mess-free.
Additionally, the probiotics in each product act as a barrier between your skin and the harsh outdoors. They lock moisture, keep your face hydrated and fight bacteria and free radicals to reduce inflammation and redness. Meanwhile, they use fermented antioxidant-rich ingredients to add concentration and easy absorption into the skin. Each product is free of harmful ingredients like sulfates, silicones, parabens, phosphates, mineral oils, artificial dyes, and are cruelty-free.
It’s important to know that although the products are technically meant for outdoor use, they do not contain SPF, so don’t forget to add that additional layer of sunscreen.

You can purchase their products on their website and on Amazon.

Source: Business Insider

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