Amnesty International has unveiled a new collection of T-shirts in recognition of female activists who are fighting for women’s rights around the world.

The range, which has been launched in collaboration with online retail marketplace Everpress, marks 100 years of women’s suffrage in the UK.

The T-shirts have been created by nine female and non-binary artists, with the designs representing various important topics such as women’s reproductive rights, online abuse and intersectional feminism.

The collection titled the ‘Rebellion’ T-shirt project has been released as part of Amnesty International’s Write for Rights campaign, an annual letter sent out by the organization that raises awareness for women who are currently imprisoned or experiencing harassment due to their dedication to human rights.

Some of those women include those in Northern Ireland affected by the country’s abortion law and those who’ve received threatening messages on social media.

“Sexual harassment, the denial of reproductive freedoms and gender-based online violence are just a few of the abuses women, trans and non-binary people face every single day. But around the world people are rising for their rights,” says Kate Allen, director of Amnesty UK.

“The movement for gender justice and equality is strong, powerful, brave, courageous and determined.

“We’re delighted to be collaborating with Everpress and this exciting group of artists to create a range of T-shirts so that people can wear their rebellion, protest or statement with pride.”

One of the artists, who goes by the pseudonym Bambi, chose to depict suffragette on Emily Davison on her T-shirt design.

“The suffragette Emily Davison is my hero,” she says. “Davison was a woman of almost unimaginable courage who repeatedly ran the gravest personal risks in pursuit of the campaign for women’s votes.”

Ali Mapletoft, a designer at Age of Reason Studios, created a powerful image of three mouths shouting “Together We Rise!” in unison.

“I’m inspired by memories of the women from my childhood,” she says.

“Every woman has a voice, and it’s through using our voices that we rise.”

The T-shirts are available to purchase for £25 each from, and will only be on sale for three weeks.

50 percent of the profits from the T-shirt sales will go towards Amnesty