On the road to success, an entrepreneur will learn many unique lessons and accumulate a wealth of knowledge regarding the launch and growth of businesses. Throughout this journey, there is much to share from past triumphs and yet still much to learn as you continually aim to improve your business. This is when peer groups shine.

Here are 10 ways a professional peer group can help you foster a successful business and grow as an entrepreneur:

1. The right peer group can be the difference between incremental and exponential growth.

Most executives don’t have easy access to a carefully vetted group of success-oriented individuals who are all looking to learn and grow from each other. Participating in the right peer environments can change your entire outlook on what’s truly possible in your life and career.

2. Just one breakthrough can make all the difference.

You only need a single shift in your own thinking to make a peer group worth the investment of your time. When discussing a particular problem (personally or professionally), your peer groups draws on all of their experiences, which can help you shift your own perspective and save you hours obsessing over a problem that one of your peers has already solved.

3. Learn how to master the art of fulfillment.

One of the greatest lessons you can learn from your peer group is to combine play and work. The best peer groups expose you to new ideas that allow you to apply the concepts and increase your output — all while having fun and enjoying your life.

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4. Your psychology and physiology impact your outcomes. 

It can be incredible to see hugely successful leaders willing to be vulnerable and talk about some of the same problems you are having. Together, you and your peers learn the power of emotional mastery and how your own psychology impacts your abilities to inspire and encourage the outcomes you want to see in your teams.

5. Learn from those best-suited to guide you

The real lessons and best secrets to accelerate the start-up process are to be gained from experienced entrepreneurs and other founders on the same journey.

6. Continually extend your network

Entrepreneurs at all stages can be part of a peer group. The only element that really needs to exist is the willingness for a founder to see herself in her peers and see the investment she is making by helping someone else on their entrepreneurial journey. It is not only a valuable business connection, but an acquaintance that relates to the trials and triumphs of being an entrepreneur.

7. Mentorship can be mutually beneficial

Sometimes the advice you need to hear is that which you have been giving to others. In advising your peers and discussing their obstacles, you may develop a new perspective on your business. A mentor, like any of her peers, can benefit from discussing business strategies and challenges, even if they do not pertain to her own career.

8. Have a constant support system

While propelling your business forward, it can be encouraging to have other founders with you each step of the way. Peer groups let you surround yourself with peers who can motivate you through difficulties and empower you through successes.

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9. Give back to your community

An entrepreneur has two choices regarding knowledge: share it with her peers, or do nothing. Peer-to-peer entrepreneurship is simply the decision to share and reinvest in the community around you.

10. Accelerate prosperity

Prosperity is generated when entrepreneurs have the support to be successful. This begins with solidarity between entrepreneurs and peer-to-peer entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs are truly in the best position to accelerate other entrepreneurs in their entrepreneurial journey.



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