ShopYourFit: A New Way To Find The Perfect Fit and Savings for GC4W Community.

ShopYourFit – a fashion platform created to improve the online shopping experience – has recently launched and is ready to revolutionize the way customers shop. With a dynamic founding team, ShopYourFit incorporates a body scanning process using mobile phones (iOS and Android) to accurately measure a customers’ size and body proportions. Customers can then select the correct size, fit, and style with ease each time they shop.

While improving the customers’ experience, the ShopYourFit team also aims to improve the retail process in reducing the number of returns and shipping. This also allows for a more eco-friendly retail process as it reduces the carbon footprint of packaging and transport.

The combination of body scanning technology and retail aims to make shopping more enjoyable and efficient for all customers, celebrating a wide range of body types, genders, sexual orientations, and ethnicities in the process. Anyone can enjoy fashion and shopping, and ShopYourFit hopes to prove that in making it inclusive, accessible, and efficient for all.

ShopYourFit has also kindly shared a discount code for 30% off for the GC4W community. Using the code ENTREPREFRIEND, the GC4W network can enjoy ShopYourFit’s fashion and its unique approach to helping everyone find the perfect fit.

About ShopYourFit: The online platform features a new technology, compatible with Apple and Android phones as well as Chrome OS, to scan users in real-time. The platform’s technology will then use the scans to find a selection of correct size, fit and style. ShopYourFit aims to fix problems that continue to burden brands and online shoppers: wrong fit and returns.